ISA Skills Assessments with Digital Badge

ISA’s skills assessments are a great tool to help strengthen your organization:
  • Pre-employment Testing: Ensure you are hiring the best candidate with the right set of skills thereby increasing the likelihood they will be successful in their position;
  • Evaluate Knowledge and Skill of Existing Employees: Measure the proficiency and skill level of your current employees. Utilize this information to assess potential learning and education needs as well as to develop training programs for employees.   

ISA has partnered with NOCTI Business Solutions the leader in job skills assessment testing, to provide ISA members with tests in 15 key areas of the sign and graphics industry.

After passing each assessment, your employees will receive a digital badge – an electronic acknowledgement of their skills, learning and achievement.

What is a digital badge?
  • Acknowledges skills and learning through a digital credential
  • Validates talents and knowledge
  • Provides promotional opportunity as a part of portfolio
  • Shows competencies earned

Check out this article by Strategic Finance detailing the benefits of digital badges.

How it Works

Cost: $75.00 per assessment per employee. The benefit of working with NOCTI Business Solutions is that prior to finalizing your decision to purchase an assessment you are given the opportunity to review the test to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

Interested in purchasing 3 or more assessments? Save $5.00 per test.  Contact ISA at [email protected] to learn more.

Application Process: Download the application and testing agreement. Email the completed forms to Kay Cole at [email protected]. She will guide your company through the application and testing process. 

Testing Process: Once you have completed the application and agreement, reviewed the test(s) to ensure they meet your company’s needs, you are ready to go. You will designate a proctor (someone to oversee the employee(s) taking the tests), and the employee will sign into the system and access the assessment (take a test). The employee's score and badge will be displayed in their NOCTI Business Solutions Skill Badge locker. The more tests they take the more badges they can earn.

Study Guides: Study guides can be purchased for $20.00 per guide. Please click here to download the form.