Sign Code Case Studies

ISA tracks sign code developments across the country and its "rapid response" service helps sign companies and local officials enact reasonable and beneficial sign codes. This collection of sign code case studies can be used to help provide guidance for sign companies as they work with local officials to create positive sign codes. Contact ISA's government affairs manager Kenny Peskin with questions.

Each case study identifies the issue, locale and outcome, providing valuable resources and guidance for members facing similar issues.

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EMCs: Single Color Only on Black

EMCs: Hourly Message Change

EMCs: Regulation of Content Displayed

Historic Design Review Approval

Listing Marks: UL Only

Maintenance of Nonconforming Signs

Mercury Reduction: Neon Phase-Out

Window Signage Regulations

Pedestrian-Scale Sign Sizes

Permits: Applications Not Approved Quickly

Pole Signs Prohibited

Redevelopment Regulations Impacting Existing Business

Sign Engineering

State DOT Regulating On-Premise

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Did you know?

Over the past 6 years, ISA has dedicated $7.1 million to advocacy efforts to protect members' interests and educate legislators locally and nationally.