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Sign Research = Better Sign Codes

The new academic research on the economic value of signs and on the traffic safety impact of EMCs has helped persuade a Florida city to move forward with a reasonable and beneficial sign code.

Currently, North Miami's code prohibits the use of most EMCs within the City. However, on Tuesday the North Miami Planning Commission voted unanimously (4-0) to approve a Staff Report recommending that the City allow EMCs in non-residential zones, with an eight-second hold time. The Staff Report indicated that their decision was based in part on recent research conducted by the University of Cincinnati and Texas A&M University. According to the Staff Report, UC's research on the economic value of signs demonstrated that "local governments such as North Miami recognize that the economic benefits derived from electronic signs extend beyond merely increasing sales for the local businesses. It also has a positive fiscal impact to the City in that it contributes to increasing North Miami's overall tax revenue." Texas A&M's research proving that there is no statistically significant correlation between EMCs and traffic accidents was also favorably cited.

The proposed code is now headed to the North Miami City Council for a public hearing and vote on November 27. ISA and member sign companies will continue to be involved in this process. For more information, please contact David Hickey.