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Research Promotes Reasonable Sign Code

In early November, staff with the North Miami Planning Commission submitted a report to the City Council in favor of loosening the city's sign code—including favorably citing the latest research from the University of Cincinnati and Texas A&M University. On December 11, the North Miami City Council finally voted in favor of the new sign code, which will now allow electronic message centers (previously prohibited) with an eight-second hold time and reasonable allowable digital display area. The 5-0 vote was the result not just of the timely academic research on the economic value of signs and the traffic safety impact of EMCs, but also because of the repeated involvement of sign companies, end users and ISA staff with city staff. ISA will continue to educate local officials using this research and other grassroots tools, in order to promote reasonable sign codes that will help sign companies protect and grow their business. For more information, please contact David Hickey.