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New Online Learning Course

ISA has a new online learning service that helps sign companies implement relevant training at convenient times. The latest educational offering is "The Sign Installer's Guide: Wall Signs," which teaches the basics of wall sign installation, including sign placement options; pattern options and examples; wall types and surfaces; common fastener types and proper use; and basic sign types and examples. "The Sign Installer's Guide: Safety Course" will help participants learn proper use of safety harnesses and equipment; best practices for avoiding electrocution; ladder and scaffold safety; and general safety skills.

As with other courses offered in the online ISA Sign Academy, training is open to ISA members ($75) and non-members ($150), and each course will take about 90 minutes to complete, including interactive exercises to ensure comprehension. Participants may go through each of the course's learning modules at different times if they desire. For more information, please contact Matt Rumbaugh.