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New Research About Signs and Safety Available

The first-ever research on how on-premise electronic message centers (EMCs) impact traffic safety has been officially released, and it confirms what we intuitively already knew – that these kinds of signs don't cause traffic accidents.
This statistical study – conducted by Texas A&M University on behalf of The Signage Foundation Inc., surveyed 135 signs in four states over the span of four years and used crash data from the Federal Highway Administration's Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) database.
Researchers found that there is no statistically significant change in crashes after the installation of on-premise digital signs. The results were consistent in each of the four states. This research is the first of its kind, and will provide local decision-makers with the fact-based evidence necessary to enact reasonable and beneficial sign codes.
You can find this groundbreaking research here. If you have any questions about the research or how ISA is using it to educate local officials across the country, please contact David Hickey.