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ISA Reaches Out to Retailers

ISA's 2013 efforts to educate sign users on the value of signs and to engage sign users in the ordinance process started off with a bang in the Big Apple, as ISA staff participated in the annual National Retail Federation's "Big Show" at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center from January 13-16. There ISA staff met with dozens of retailers and spoke with them about how ISA can help them get their businesses the signs that they need and deserve, and provided attendees with the latest research about the economic value of signs. ISA's Rich Gottwald presented a seminar at the 2011 NRF show, and ISA has worked with NRF on several other issues affecting retailers, including "Dark Skies." ISA will follow up with these retailing contacts in order to further educate sign users and to promote the sign industry. For more information, please contact David Hickey.