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Chicago City Council Changing Procedures for Sign Permit

In votes this week, Chicago's City Council approved new requirements and conditions for new on-premise sign permits. Going forward, the legislation states that new sign permits are valid only for five (5) years; automatic renewal (for additional 5 year intervals) of the permit will be granted upon request, as long as the sign has not been substantially altered from the original permit. Other new permitting rules include: notifying the city within 10 days of any change in the ownership/lessee of the parcel; obtaining a council order explicitly supporting any change of an existing static sign to an electronic sign; and including temporary window signs within the "total sign area" allowed for any business. All existing signs, properly permitted and unaltered, remain under their existing permits and are unaffected by this new legislation. ISA and the Illinois Sign Association submitted written comments opposing the additional cost and compliance burdens placed on retail businesses under the new rules. In the coming months, city staff is expected to revise their administrative processes and forms to accommodate the new rules. ISA and the Illinois Sign Association plan on working with city staff in the drafting of these new administrative procedures and forms. For more information, please contact Kenny Peskin or Illinois Sign Association's Brian Swingle.