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ADA Signage Made More Efficient With a UV LED Printer

Producing ADA signage can be a very profitable sector for your business; however, if you are relying on old methods of printing these signs, you are costing your company way more time and money than is necessary. At Direct Color Systems, we have developed a highly efficient, patented way to produce ADA-compliant signage that makes the task as simple as hitting a button.

How Difficult Is It to Make ADA Signage?

In short, it is not difficult at all. Using either our Direct Jet UVMVP Series or 7200z UV LED printers, you can create ADA signage in four simple steps:

  1. Use our software (Color Byte) to pull up an ADA signage template for common signs, or create your own using a combination of pre-loaded pictograms and symbols. As you type, our software will automatically translate from English to braille, making the entire process a breeze.
  2. Save your file and send it to the RIP (printing software).
  3. Put your compliant substrate of choice into the UV LED printer.
  4. Hit print.
Yes, it’s really that effortless. For comparison, other methods of printing ADA signage require 14 (thermoforming), 15 (photopolymer), or 33 (Raster system) steps.

How Long Does It Take to Print?

Of course, the total printing time of your ADA signage is variable depending on the size of the sign, as well as how complex it is. That being said, an average 6” x 8” men’s restroom sign, including the raised pictogram, will be complete in a mere 4 minutes and 21 seconds. If you are also printing a background, this time only goes up about a minute. While your sign is printing, you can still work on other projects, and as soon as the sign is complete, it is ready to hang. There is no additional drying time needed.

Do I Have to Purchase Special Substrates?

As long as the substrate you have is not glossy (i.e. shiny), then it will work with our UV LED printers. Since our printers are able to print essentially any color of matte background simultaneously with the braille printing, there is no need to keep an inventory of multiple colors of substrates.

With our patented process of creating ADA signage with a UV LED printer, you can dramatically speed up your production time while reducing your costs. And since every company is required by law to have signs that are ADA compliant, it’s an excellent business to be in. To learn more about our proprietary process, or the other capabilities of our UV LED printers, contact us today.