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UV Flatbed Printer in the Advertising Industry Selling the Main Reason Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd.

UV flat-panel printer UV curing ink can be printed directly on a variety of materials, ink most of the characteristics of environmental protection, you can completely replace the traditional outdoor advertising inkjet equipment and indoor photo, and can be widely used in the field of indoor home decoration in the future Of the advertising industry can occupy a dominant position.

In the advertising industry, whether it is a large plaque signs, large advertising display, outdoor inkjet, or business cards, advertising gifts, medals, medals, cards, badges, etc., can be used UV flatbed printer to achieve.

The following four points to tell us the future advertising industry in the status of UV flatbed printer

First, more personalized: to maximize the people to meet the individual needs of the majority of designers, you can give full play to creative talent, design samples can be modified on the computer, the effect on the computer, that is, after the finished product, the customer Satisfied can be produced directly. UV print pattern fine, rich and clear level, high artistic, three-dimensional sense of strong, there are many high-precision equipment can also print photography and painting style patterns.
Second, more advanced technology: generally full-color image is completed once, gradient color to achieve full photo effect, accurate positioning, scrap rate is zero, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, to achieve a real non-printing, leaflets and batch processing The cost of the same, customers can also be cost-effective to complete the short version of the live, to help companies increase more business opportunities and profits.

Third, more widely used: UV flatbed printing material is very extensive, flexible media such as: reflective film, canvas, carpets, leather, etc .; hard media such as: glass, wooden handicrafts frame, ceiling, aluminum, wood, door, Board, plexiglass plate, snowboard, corrugated board, plastic sheet, resin board, gypsum board, etc .; various product shell media such as: music player shell, camera shell, Bluetooth headset shell, mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell, laptop Shell, etc. can be printed.

Fourth, green: no water, no sewage, UV flat panel printer controlled by the computer, on-demand inkjet, neither waste, no waste water pollution, printing process does not produce noise, to achieve a pollution-free green production process.