Industry News Industry News Preparing for the Maine Event /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2274 April 21, 2011 ISA Crane Safety Training Delivered to Your Doorstep /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2276 <p>The ISA Mobile Crane Operator Safety Certification Training program is available for direct delivery at your sign shop by request.</p> May 19, 2011 ISA and USSC to Testify at International Green Construction Code Hearings /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2277 May 12, 2011 ISA Teams with National Association of Manufacturers for Summit /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2278 May 12, 2011 Maryland County Establishes New EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2434 May 26, 2011 Reining in Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2435 June 2, 2011 Regional Appearance /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2436 June 2, 2011 ISA Completes Sign Structures Testing at UCSD /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2437 June 9, 2011 Deadline for Submitting 2014 NEC® Proposals to ISA is August 15, 2011 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2438 June 14, 2011 Presenters Announced for the 3rd Annual National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC) /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2439 June 15, 2011 Education Providers May Register Programs with ISA and Earn PDUs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2440 June 23, 2011 North Las Vegas Adopts New EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2441 June 23, 2011 Arlington County, Va., Considers Industry Concerns /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2442 June 16, 2011 New Model Sign Code Now Available /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2443 June 16, 2011 ISA International Sign Expo 2011 Wraps in Las Vegas with Double-Digit Growth /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2445 May 5, 2011 IGCC Pushes Back on Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2446 <p><a href="javascript:void(location.href='mailto:'+String.fromCharCode(115,97,112,110,97,46,98,117,100,101,118,64,115,105,103,110,115,46,111,114,103)+'?')"></a></p> May 26, 2011 ISA Congratulates Its Sign Design Winners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2447 April 21, 2011 Sign Industry Wins in Kennewick, WA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2448 May 5, 2011 Beltway Bandits /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2449 April 14, 2011 Hard-Fought Victory in Jacksonville, Fla. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2450 April 14, 2011 Keep the Light on in Arkansas /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2451 April 7, 2011 Signs Get Positive National Press /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2452 April 7, 2011 OSHA Cranes and Derricks in Construction Rule -- Bucket Truck Clarification /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2453 <p><a href=""></a></p> March 31, 2011 Planning for Sign Success /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2454 March 31, 2011 Top Value Fabrics Announces New Website /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2455 April 7, 2011 220 Year Old Branding and Signage Company Gets Its Own Refresh /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2456 April 7, 2011 Temporary Signs Help Businesses /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2458 June 30, 2011 Historic Signs in Tucson /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2459 June 30, 2011 Federal Tax Break Available for New Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2462 <p><a href=""><br /> </a></p> July 7, 2011 ISA Speaks at Society for Environmental Graphic Design Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2463 July 7, 2011 ISA Attends the Northwest Sign Council Show /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2467 July 14, 2011 Changes to Clearwater, Fla., Sign Regulations Are Closer to Implementation /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2468 July 14, 2011 Planner Event Is a Success /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2469 July 21, 2011 More Regulatory Flexibility Needed /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2470 July 21, 2011 3rd Annual National Signage Research and Education Conference (NSREC) Focuses on "The Science of Signage" /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2471 July 15, 2011 Fighting Restrictive Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2472 July 28, 2011 Help Your Customers Buy Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2473 July 28, 2011 Olympia Considers Electronic Message Centers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2482 August 4, 2011 Window Issues in Minnesota /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2483 <p><a href="javascript:void(location.href='mailto:'+String.fromCharCode(98,105,108,108,97,64,101,119,97,108,100,46,99,111,109)+'?subject=Window%20Issues%20in%20Minnesota')"><br /> </a></p> August 4, 2011 Raising Arizona Planners' Sign Knowledge /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2488 August 11, 2011 Help Your Customers Buy Signs! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2489 August 11, 2011 ISA Educates Planners in Phoenix /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2490 August 18, 2011 ISA Opposes Proposed Regulations in Marion, Iowa /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2491 August 18, 2011 Walking in Downtown Memphis /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2494 August 25, 2011 ISA Files Final Comments on International Green Construction Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2495 August 25, 2011 Town Proposes to Ease Sign Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2497 September 1, 2011 Feds Want to Allow Older Signs to Stay /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2498 September 1, 2011 Lights On in Arizona /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2500 September 8, 2011 UL Publishes the 15th Edition of UL 48 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2501 September 8, 2011 NCCCO Grants ISA's Request for Reclassification /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2508 September 15, 2011 Oregon City Loosens Up on EMCs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2509 September 15, 2011 ISA Educates Planners in Dallas /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2512 September 22, 2011 ISA Plans Sustainability Resources for Members /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2513 September 22, 2011 Pittsburgh Eases EMC Regulations in New Proposal /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2535 September 29, 2011 Coalitions to Protect Your Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2536 September 29, 2011 Nashville, Tenn., Proposes New Downtown Sign Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2550 October 6, 2011 Arlington County, Va., Proposes Revisions to Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2551 October 6, 2011 Signage Summit in Cincinnati /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2554 October 13, 2011 Gilbert, Ariz., Is Open for Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2555 October 13, 2011 U.S. Representative Tours Sign-Manufacturing Facility /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2560 October 20, 2011 New Opportunities for Green Signage Abound /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2561 October 20, 2011 Hello! My Name Is Success! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2565 May 23, 2011 Industry Insights: The State Of Green Business—And Beyond /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2566 March 9, 2011 EMCs Allowed in Albuquerque, N.M. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2567 On Oct. 17, the Albuquerque, N.M., City Council passed new regulations for EMCs that are a positive development for small businesses in the area ... October 27, 2011 ISA Surveys Digital Print Trends /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2568 October 27, 2011 ISA Educates 76 Crane Operators on Mobile Crane Operator Safety /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2575 Last week in St. Louis, 26 mobile crane operators attended ISA's Mobile Crane Operator Safety Certification program ... November 3, 2011 ISA Helps Educate Planners in New York /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2576 Working in partnership with the Northeast States Sign Association and the New York State Sign Association ... November 3, 2011 ISA Reaches Out to City Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2577 ISA is educating city officials at the National League of Cities' annual Congress of Cities &amp; Exposition this week in Phoenix ... November 10, 2011 ISA Submits Proposals for the 2014 National Electrical Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2578 On Nov. 3, ISA submitted proposals developed by the ISA Electrical Subcommittee for the 2014 National Electrical Code ... November 10, 2011 ISA Defends Signs in Front of International Code Council /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2581 The International Code Council held final-action hearings Oct. 3 to 5 on the first International Green Construction Code ... November 17, 2011 New Tool for Educating Local Officials on Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2582 ISA's new position statement publication explaining what the sign industry believes on key sign code ... November 17, 2011 Recapturing History, One Neon Sign at a Time /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2587 Take someone from 1950 and drop him downtown tonight, and he'd ask: What happened to the signs? Did you run out of neon gas? ... November 12, 2011 International Sign Expo 2012 Offers Full Slate of Educational Opportunities /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2589 More than 75 courses covering 13 distinct tracks will be offered as part of the educational lineup at International Sign Expo 2012 ... November 28, 2011 Fort Collins, Colo., Proposes New EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2590 On Nov. 17, the Fort Collins, Colo., Planning and Zoning Board held a public hearing on new regulations for electronic message displays ... December 1, 2011 ISA Champions Small Business to OSHA Official David Michaels /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2591 ISA Director of Industry Programs Sapna Budev recently joined a coalition of trade associations to meet with OSHA leadership about costly and punitive regulations ... December 1, 2011 Fort Collins, Colo., Approves New EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2594 On Tuesday, the Fort Collins, Colo., City Council held a public hearing on new regulations for electronic message displays ... December 8, 2011 Los Angeles Takes Next Step on New Sign Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2595 On Monday, the Los Angeles Planning and Land Use Committee held a public hearing on changes to the sign ordinance ... December 8, 2011 Industry Insight: Digital Signage's Dynamic Market /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2599 December 1, 2011 Focus on: Signage. New Regulatory Challenges Make Luminance a Critical Issue /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2601 October 24, 2011 Signage Challenged by Regulatory Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2602 December 1, 2011 ISA Releases Results of Sign Structures Research /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2610 ISA became aware of some structural issues affecting high-rise, telescoping single-pole signs a few years ago, and with the leadership of ISA's board of directors ... December 15, 2011 No Cell Phone Use While Driving! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2611 The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a new safety regulation that prohibits interstate commercial truck drivers from using hand-held cellphones while operating commercial motor vehicles ... December 15, 2011 ISA Helps Educate AAIA on Benefits of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2619 The Automotive Aftermarket Industry of America (AAIA) represents over 23,000 businesses, including thousands of car repair shops and automotive parts retailers ... December 21, 2011 2011 by the Numbers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2622 ISA works every day to help protect our members' business interests and to open opportunities for new business ... December 22, 2011 Salt Lake City Looks at EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2624 On Tuesday, the Salt Lake City Council held a public hearing concerning proposed regulations for electronic message centers ... January 5, 2012 ISA to Present Webinar on Getting Paid in a Tough Economy /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2625 On Jan. 12, ISA is offering a webinar, "The Art and Science of Getting Paid in a Tough Economy." ... January 5, 2012 ISA Progress Report Now Available /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2629 Released this week, the 2011 ISA Progress Report summarizes some of the key issues and activities on which ISA is working on behalf of our 2,300 member companies ... January 12, 2012 ISA Joins the National Retail Federation /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2630 ISA is now a member of the National Retail Federation, the world's largest retail trade association and the voice of retail worldwide ... January 12, 2012 Salt Lake City Votes "No" on Restrictive EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2634 On Tuesday, the Salt Lake City Council unanimously voted to strike the proposed restrictive regulations for electronic message centers ... January 19, 2012 Help Your Customers Buy Signs! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2635 Sign companies can learn how to take full advantage of helpful federal tax provisions in a Feb. 9 webinar, "Tax Breaks for Sign Purchasers: Deducting the Costs of Signs." ... January 19, 2012 Tallahassee, Fla., Approves Positive Sign Code Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2644 On Wednesday, the Tallahassee, Fla., city commissioners held a hearing and unanimously voted to approve changes to the sign code ... January 26, 2012 ISA Participates in Transportation Research Board's Annual Meeting /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2645 ISA's Kenny Peskin joined several other representatives of the sign industry this week at the Transportation Research Board's annual meeting ... January 26, 2012 ISA and NEC /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2646 Building on a highly successful outcome during the 2011 National Electrical Code cycle, several of ISA's proposals for the 2014 NEC were accepted by NFPA Code-Making Panel 18 at its January meetings in Hilton Head, S.C. ... February 2, 2012 My Kind of Town /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2647 ISA's Kenny Peskin testified in favor of a proposed amendment to Chicago's sign regulations at a Jan. 26 city Zoning Committee hearing ... February 2, 2012 Leave the Lights On /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2657 On Tuesday, the Tucson City Council held a hearing and unanimously approved a new Outdoor Lighting Code ... February 9, 2012 ISA Views in the News /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2658 Be sure to check your February issues of Signs of the Times and Sign Builder Illustrated for reports written by ISA staff on technical and legislative issues ... February 9, 2012 Onerous Sign Code Provisions Improved in California /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2665 On Feb. 13 the Planning Commission for Oceanside, CA debated revisions to their sign code ... February 15, 2012 New ADA Standards to Take Effect in 30 Days /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2666 The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design went into effect on March 15, 2011 and compliance is required by March 15, 2012 ... February 15, 2012 UL Announces Program Changes in Listing and Follow-Up Service for Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2670 In a February 17 release, UL announced several program changes including an effective date to October 2, 2012 for transition to the new Sign Certification Program ... February 22, 2012 Help Educate Sign Code Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2671 On March 15 at 2:00 p.m. EST, ISA is offering a free webinar especially for local officials on the regulatory issues involved with electronic message centers ... February 22, 2012 ISA Trains Over 60 Companies on New ADA Standards /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2681 On Monday, ISA held the first AIA-accredited webinar to educate 63 sign manufacturers, environmental graphic designers, and architects about the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design ... February 29, 2012 Sign Code Forum in Maryland /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2682 In Calvert County, Md., ISA’s Kenny Peskin joined more than 100 businessmen and county residents on Monday at a sign code forum to gather community input on problems with sign enforcement and the current sign ordinance ... February 29, 2012 Sign Shops Could Face Labor Pain /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2685 The District of Columbia federal District Court ruled on Friday that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) can require about six million businesses – including many sign companies – to post notices in their facilities regarding the formation of unions ... March 7, 2012 Recycling and Disposal Assistance From ISA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2686 If you are a sign company that uses neon lamps in your products, please use ISA as your resource in finding the latest information regarding neon lamp storage, disposal and recycling ... March 7, 2012 2012 Digital Print Product Comparison Tool Now Available /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2689 ISA Sign Expo has teamed with FLAAR Reports for the second year to produce a checklist of key specifications for UV Printers, Textile &amp; Alternative Ink Printers, Flatbed Cutters, Generic Media &amp; Substrates, and After Market Inks ... March 14, 2012 Western City Approves Favorable Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2690 On Tuesday, new sign code amendments were approved and the local Planning Commission's recommendation to exclude reasonable EMC language were overturned by the Colorado Springs City Council ... March 14, 2012 Sign Industry Business Panel Meets with UL /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2695 During a February 29-March 1 meeting, UL agreed to continue to waive the fee for the first variation notice (VN) per company each year ... March 21, 2012 Spreading the Word About Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2696 Nearly 130 planners and other code officials received extensive training from the sign industry last week ... March 21, 2012 Biggest Winners at ISA International Sign Expo 2012 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2702 With more than 16,000 in attendance at the ISA International Sign Expo 2012, the odds were better than a Mega Millions jackpot... March 28, 2012 What the Sign Industry Believes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2703 The ISA Board of Directors recently approved two new industry position statements to help sign companies educate local officials on key regulatory issues... March 28, 2012 ISA Debuts Sustainability Case Study Video /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2712 ISA's Sustainability Committee has released a video case study showing the green practices adopted by Acorn Sign Graphics, a member company... April 4, 2012 U.S. Chamber Educates Business About Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2713 The website for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce contains new language regarding the importance of on-premise signs for small business... April 4, 2012 ISA Presents New Research on Wind Loads for Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2716 ISA introduced new research on wind load criteria for outdoor signs to the American Society of Civil Engineers during an April 12 meeting at ASCE headquarters in Reston, VA... April 11, 2012 ISA Educates Sign Users To Help Your Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2717 ISA staff presented a webinar targeting an entire sector of the retail economy on Wednesday afternoon... April 11, 2012 ISA Talks to Planners in LA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2720 This weekend, ISA exhibited at the National American Planning Association conference in Los Angeles... April 18, 2012 Another Congressman Visits ISA Member Sign Company /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2724 On April 3, Congressman John Shimkus (R-Ill.) visited Watchfire Signs in Danville, Ill. to witness firsthand how the sign industry plays a role in America's manufacturing sector... April 25, 2012 Sign Code Issues in California /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2725 On April 18, the next step in the sign code process for Oceanside, CA took place and ISA was there... April 25, 2012 Memphis Presents First Draft of the Downtown Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2728 On April 26, 2012 Memphis held a workshop to obtain input on the first draft of design guidelines and a sign code for downtown Memphis... May 2, 2012 ISA Staff Educates On Planning, Sustainability Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2729 At the recent Northeast States Sign Association Show in Baltimore, ISA staff presented two courses to mid-Atlantic sign companies... May 2, 2012 Franchise Industry Supports Illuminated Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2733 The International Franchise Association (IFA) recently published an article stressing the importance of effectively illuminated signs... May 9, 2012 ISA to Speak on Regulations at Wisconsin Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2734 On May 18, ISA's Kenny Peskin will be presenting on the development of new regulations in Wisconsin and Illinois... May 9, 2012 Using Model Codes to Your Advantage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2736 Last Thursday ISA offered a webinar to help sign companies learn how to use the latest model sign codes to educate local officials and grow their business... May 17, 2012 ISA Focuses on Lighting Industry Changes and Innovations at LIGHTFAIR /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2737 ISA's Rich Gottwald attended LIGHTFAIR, the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference May 9-11 in Las Vegas... May 17, 2012 Florida Planners Learn About Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2738 Nearly 40 local officials representing over 20 jurisdictions in the Sunshine State participated in <i>Planning for Sign Code Success</i>... May 23, 2012 Congress Seeks ISA's Assistance /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2739 The U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is currently examining how existing and proposed regulations negatively impact jobs and the economy... May 23, 2012 Congressional Visit /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2743 U.S. Representative Francisco Canseco (R-Texas) visited the Southwest Signs sign manufacturing facility on Friday to meet with his constituents... May 30, 2012 Architects Talk to ISA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2744 ISA Director of Industry Programs, Sapna Budev, attended the American Institute of Architects convention in Washington, D.C... May 30, 2012 ISA Brings Common Ground to Alaska /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2749 On June 5 ISA’s James Carpentier traveled to Alaska to help the Wasilla Sign Code Task Force Group draft beneficial and effective sign code language... June 6, 2012 ISA Spreads the Word To Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2750 This month ISA will send out its inaugural issue of <em>Vital Signs, Vibrant Communities</em> to thousands of local sign code officials across the country... June 6, 2012 Kill the "Death Tax" /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2755 If Congress fails to act before December 31, the current federal estate tax law will expire and revert back to pre-2001 levels... June 13, 2012 ISA Recommends Changes to 2013 California Building Code for Accessibility /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2756 Since the adoption of the 2010 Federal Standards for Accessibility, sign companies working in California have struggled to reconcile the CBC (California Building Code) standards with the federal guidelines... June 13, 2012 ISA Builds Bridges to Dynamic Digital Signage Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2758 A delegation of ISA members and staff attended the recent InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas to explore dynamic digital signage opportunities... June 21, 2012 ISA Publishes State of the Industry Report /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2759 <p>During ISA International Sign Expo 2012, attendees were asked their thoughts on the industry as well as their own businesses...</p> June 21, 2012 ISA Publishes NEC Compliance Guidelines /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2761 <p>Complying with the National Electrical Code represents a crucial responsibility for every company that installs electric signs or manages sign installation projects...</p> June 27, 2012 ISA and State Sign Association Making a Difference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2762 With a rash of proposed moratoriums on digital signs sweeping a western state, ISA's James Carpentier joined affiliated association staff and sign companies to educate local officials on how to effectively treat EMCs... June 27, 2012 ISA Recommends Changes to Federal ADA Guidelines /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2771 The International Sign Association is focused on ensuring that the Federal ADA Guidelines support the best interests of both the disabled community... July 4, 2012 Heat Requires Extra Precaution for Workers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2772 Temperatures are reaching record levels in much of the country. But a 100-degree heat index is nothing compared to the warmth inside a confined space such as a building’s crawl space or inside a sign cabinet... July 4, 2012 ISA Plans Education for Architects /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2774 Architects and design professionals have expressed an interest in education sessions developed by ISA members on certain aspects of the sign industry... July 11, 2012 ISA Introduces Planners Newsletter /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2775 On Monday ISA released the debut edition of <em>Vital Signs</em>, a quarterly e-newsletter geared to educate and inform planners and other public officials... July 11, 2012 Fountain Hills Arizona Proposes Changes to Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2780 On July 12, the Fountain Hills Planning and Zoning Commission held a public hearing on proposed changes to the sign code... July 18, 2012 Seeing the Light in Arlington /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2781 On July 12, the Arlington County (Va.) Planning Commission removed two provisions opposed by ISA from the new sign ordinance recommended for passage later this month... July 18, 2012 Successful Sign Code Conclusion /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2782 On July 24, the Arlington County (VA) Council passed their new sign code... July 25, 2012 Death Tax Lurches Forward /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2783 ISA recently joined with dozens of other small business trade associations to urge the U.S. Senate to prevent a change in tax law that could negatively impact many sign companies... July 25, 2012 ISA Educates Indiana Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2786 ISA and the Midwest Sign Association hosted a daylong Planning for Sign Code Success seminar on July 26 in Carmel, Ind... August 1, 2012 Debary, Florida Approves Sign Code Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2787 On Wednesday, the City of Debary Council unanimously voted to approve changes to the sign code... August 2, 2012 ISA Brings Planner Education to Texas /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2789 ISA and the Texas Sign Association hosted a daylong Planning for Sign Code Success seminar on August 3 in San Antonio, Texas... August 8, 2012 ISA Wins Exemption from Louisiana Neon Phase-out /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2790 <p>On July 24, 2012, in response to ISA's continuing advocacy, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) formally approved the International Sign Association's request for an exemption from the state's phase-out for mercury-added neon signs...</p> August 8, 2012 ISA, NSSA Speak to Massachusetts Building Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2791 On August 8, ISA's Kenny Peskin was a featured speaker at a Taunton, Massachusetts meeting of municipal building inspectors... August 15, 2012 ISA Brightness Recommendations Getting Good Press /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2792 The latest issue of <em>Sign Builder Illustrated</em> (September 2012) details how ISA's night-time brightness recommendations for electronic message centers have been gaining acceptance in communities across the country. August 15, 2012 Recycling Neon Signs Is Necessary for Louisiana Compliance /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2794 As reported in the July 24 issue of <em>ISA SmartBrief</em> the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) formally approved the International Sign Association's request for an exemption from the state's phase-out for mercury-added neon signs... August 22, 2012 ISA Reaches Out to State Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2795 <p>ISA is participating in the 15th annual National Alliance of Highway Beautification Agencies (NAHBA) conference in Spokane, Wash...</p> August 22, 2012 California Considers Dimming Requirement for Interior Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2796 On August 22, 2012, ISA participated in a stakeholders meeting in Ontario, California, sponsored by Southern California Edison (SCE) on behalf of the California Energy Commission (CEC)... August 29, 2012 ISA Helps Members Clarify Crane Rule in Connecticut /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2797 Sign companies in Connecticut now have clarification on crane operator certification rules in the state, thanks to engaged members and ISA.... August 30, 2012 ISA in National Newspaper /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2800 When <em>The Washington Post</em> ran a recent story on how Fairfax County's restrictive and legally dubious sign code was adversely impacting the ability of a local church to communicate... September 5, 2012 Better Safe Than Sorry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2801 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is more enforcement-driven than in recent years, and sign companies need to be prepared for an inspection... September 5, 2012 New ISA Videos Simplify Sign Code Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2804 ISA is introducing new content on its website and releasing the first in an ongoing series of short animated videos... September 13, 2012 ISA Speaks to Utah Municipal Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2805 On September 12th, ISA's Kenny Peskin joined representatives from the Utah Sign Association in Salt Lake City in presenting an educational session at the Utah League of Cities And Towns Annual Conference... September 13, 2012 ISA Educates California Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2806 ISA and the Western States Sign Council hosted a daylong Planning for Sign Code Success event for local sign code officials on September 14 in Garden Grove, Cal... September 19, 2012 Federal Judge Nixes Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2807 Two weeks ago, <em>The Washington Post</em> reported about a restrictive sign code in Fairfax County, Va., that resulted in a lawsuit from a local church and ISA's President &amp; CEO Lori Anderson responding with a hard-hitting Letter to the Editor... September 19, 2012 ISA Champions Sign Industry to Head of OSHA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2808 ISA Director of Industry Programs, Sapna Budev, joined a coalition of trade associations to meet with OSHA leadership about regulatory burdens and assistive programs... September 26, 2012 ISA Teaches Lobbyists About Local Advocacy /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2809 On August 21, ISA's Kenny Peskin led a featured class on Low-Cost Local Issue Campaigns at the Public Affairs Council's 2012 State &amp; Local Government Relations Seminar... September 26, 2012 Accent Signage Systems Tragedy /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2813 <p>The International Sign Association is deeply saddened by the tragic incident at Accent Signage Systems...</p> September 28, 2012 ISA Educates Planners in Wisconsin and Arizona /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2815 On September 20, ISA's James Carpentier exhibited at Arizona's APA fall conference in Flagstaff, Ariz., and on September 27th Carpentier also exhibited at the APA Upper Midwest Conference in Madison, Wisc... October 3, 2012 ISA Introduces Another New Sign Code Video /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2816 Today, ISA is releasing the second in an ongoing series of educational videos available on the ISA website... October 3, 2012 Fund Established for Families of Accent Signage Tragedy /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2818 A fund to benefit families impacted by the September 27 workplace shooting at Minneapolis' Accent Signage Systems has been established at a local Wells Fargo Bank branch... October 4, 2012 ISA Looking For Partners In A Digital World /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2820 When we wrote recently about the 2,300 member International Sign Association's planning to focus on digital at its International Sign Expo next April, we decided to investigate further, so had a chat with Rich Gottwald, ISA executive vice-president... October 8, 2012 ISA Opposes Sign Code Provisions in Duluth /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2821 On October 9, ISA's Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) joined several industry representatives in raising concern about several sections of the new draft sign code being considered by the Duluth Planning Commission... October 10, 2012 ISA Launches Online Training /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2824 ISA is proud to announce the launch of its new online training service with its first course... October 17, 2012 ISA, NSSA Educate 250+ Building Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2825 On October 15, ISA's Kenny Peskin was a featured speaker at an Albany, New York meeting of municipal building inspectors... October 17, 2012 ISA Educates Sign Companies on Permitting, Regulatory Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2828 On October 20, ISA's Kenny Peskin presented a seminar on advanced permitting and variance techniques... October 24, 2012 New Research Prove the Value of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2829 A recently released and comprehensive scientific study, <em>The Economic Value of On-Premise Signage</em>, provides strong proof of the importance of signs to businesses and communities... October 24, 2012 Take Advantage of ISA's Electrical Safety and Best Practices Resources /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2831 Safety for ISA members, their employees and the sign industry at large represents a key priority for ISA... October 31, 2012 Signs Hurt by Sandy? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2832 In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, it's possible that many businesses suffered damage to their on-premise signs... October 31, 2012 Sign Research = Better Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2834 The new academic research on the economic value of signs and on the traffic safety impact of EMCs has helped persuade a Florida city to move forward with a reasonable and beneficial sign code... November 7, 2012 Duluth Modifies Sign Code After ISA Objections /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2835 The Duluth, Minn. Planning Division has released a significantly revised sign ordinance proposal following an October 2012 public hearing during which ISA's Kenny Peskin raised objections to numerous provisions... November 7, 2012 Disaster Relief Info for ISA Members in NJ and NY /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2837 ISA recently met with officials representing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and the State of New Jersey on the federal government's efforts to help small businesses and homeowners recover from Hurricane Sandy... November 12, 2012 ISA Gathering Sign Brightness Data /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2839 Spurred by a changing regulatory climate in terms of energy usage and nighttime illumination, ISA is currently launching the initial phase of a research study that aims to profile luminance properties typical of electric signs... November 14, 2012 ISA Introduces Third New Sign Code Video /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2842 Today, ISA is releasing the third in an ongoing series of educational videos available on the ISA website... November 29, 2012 ISA on the Hill /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2843 ISA's David Hickey and representatives from YESCO recently met with staff from Sen. Mike Lee's (R-Utah) office to discuss issues of importance to the on-premise sign industry... November 29, 2012 ISA Uses Case Studies to Show Sign Companies How to Succeed in Digital Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2845 ISA announces the release of three case studies, as well as an analysis, "Opportunity or Competition", that will guide sign companies, big or small, as they enter the fast growing digital signage market... December 6, 2012 ISA Talks with City Officials in Boston /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2846 Last Thursday and Friday, ISA spoke with hundreds of city officials about sign code issues at the National League of Cities (NLC) annual Congress of Cities & Exposition in Boston... December 6, 2012 ISA Education Year-in-Review & 2013 Preview /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2847 ISA's Sign Academy is focused on one thing: helping you manage your business better... December 11, 2012 Research Promotes Reasonable Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2848 In early November, staff with the North Miami Planning Commission submitted a report to the City Council in favor of loosening the city's sign code... December 12, 2012 Signs and Marketing Success /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2849 A new academic article on the economic value of signs has recently been released, and it confirms that on-premise signs enhance the success of businesses and communities... December 12, 2012 Need Help with EMCs? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2851 Take a look at ISA's new grassroots resource that sign companies can use to educate planners about electronic message centers, or EMCs... December 19, 2012 New Online Learning Course /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2852 ISA has a new online learning service that helps sign companies implement relevant training at convenient times... December 19, 2012 ISA Proposes New Wind Design Criteria for Freestanding Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2855 Culminating a 7-year research effort, ISA and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) submitted a joint proposal on December 29, 2012... January 2, 2013 ISA Publishes National Sign Company Survey of Operations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2856 ISA completed its 2012 Survey of Operations report which tracks economic indicators unique to national sign companies... January 2, 2013 New Research About Signs and Safety Available /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2864 The first-ever research on how on-premise electronic message centers (EMCs) impact traffic safety has been officially released... January 9, 2013 ISA Staff Working to Educate, Improve Rules for Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2865 Over the next week, four ISA staff members and numerous ISA volunteer leaders will be criss-crossing the US to represent the sign industry at important conferences... January 9, 2013 UL Eliminates All VN Fees for Electric Sign Listing Program /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2868 The International Sign Association reported today that UL will eliminate all variation notice (VN) fees related to its electric sign certification program... January 15, 2013 ISA Reaches Out to Retailers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2869 ISA's 2013 efforts to educate sign users on the value of signs and to engage sign users in the ordinance process started off with a bang in the Big Apple... January 17, 2013 Los Angeles Moves New Sign Regulations Forward /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2870 On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM) recommended to approve new sign regulations... January 23, 2013 Sign Code News in Utah /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2871 ISA and key members of the sign industry helped persuade the Salt Lake City council members to reconsider voting on sign code proposals... January 23, 2013 ISA Addresses ASHRAE Committee on Signage Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2874 On January 26, ISA's Bill Dundas addressed the Lighting Subcommittee of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers... January 30, 2013 New Sign Safety Research Introduced at TRB Meeting /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2875 ISA's Kenny Peskin recently represented the on-premise sign industry at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board in Washington, D.C... January 30, 2013 OSHA Reminds Employers to Post Injury/Illness Summaries Beginning Feb. 1 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2877 Beginning Feb. 1, employers who are required to keep the OSHA Form 300 Injury and Illness log must post a summary of the log... February 6, 2013 ISA Encounters Opposition to Changes in Federal ADA Guidelines /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2878 The International Sign Association is focused on ensuring that the Federal Standards of Accessible Design support the best interests of both the disabled community... February 6, 2013 ISA, NSSA Educate Mass. Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2879 ISA's Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) and NSSA Board Member Bill Gavigan (Viewpoint Sign & Awning; Northborough, Mass.) served as featured after-dinner speakers to an audience of 70 Massachusetts planners on January 31... February 7, 2013 ISA Announces New Online Course /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2881 Installer's Guide: Electrical Sign Installation and Safety"... February 13, 2013 Chicago City Council Changing Procedures for Sign Permit /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2882 In votes this week, Chicago's City Council approved new requirements and conditions for new on-premise sign permits... February 13, 2013 The Affordable Health Care Act and Your Business: What Sign Companies Need to Know /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2886 ISA has developed resources to help sign companies understand the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"... February 21, 2013 ISA Meets with Obama Administration /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2887 ISA Vice President of Government Relations David Hickey participated in a meeting with the Obama administration's Special Assistant to the President for Manufacturing Policy... February 21, 2013 Fighting for Sign Lighting in L.A. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2891 ISA and the California Sign Association (CSA) are currently advising Los Angeles officials on several sign code issues... February 27, 2013 Get Ready to Notify Your Employees! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2892 Tomorrow, Friday, March 1, 2013, was the date that all businesses were required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to provide written notification to their employees on the availability of individual health insurance exchanges... February 27, 2013 Trouble in the Garden State /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2893 ISA's "rapid response" team went to West New York, New Jersey, and found itself in the middle of a high-profile and contentious sign code hearing... March 7, 2013 ISA Announces Two Upcoming Online Training Courses /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2894 Continuing its build up of the new ISA Sign Academy Online, ISA is pleased to announce two upcoming additions to its course library... March 7, 2013 ASHRAE Exempts Signs from Lighting Requirements /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2898 Responding to formal proposals submitted by ISA in August 2012, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has revised language governing nighttime usage of electric signs... March 13, 2013 New Legislative Education & Advocacy Events in Missouri Valley /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2899 ISA's Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) educated sign company leaders about “10 Regulatory Principles For Improving Sign Ordinances”... March 13, 2013 Wisconsin Officials Agree to Exempt Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2901 Last week the State of Wisconsin officials agreed with ISA's and Wisconsin Sign Association's request to exempt signs from a state statute... March 20, 2013 Survey Confirms Signs are Crucial /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2902 A FedEx Office survey of nearly 1,000 people has found that signs play a critical role when it comes to attracting customers for small businesses... March 20, 2013 Sign Industry Reaches Out to Planners in Reno /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2904 On March 19, planners in the Reno area, representing 9 Nevada jurisdictions, were educated by ISA's James Carpentier and Mike Freeborg with YESCO... March 27, 2013 ISA, NSSA Educate Building Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2905 On March 26, ISA's Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) was a featured speaker at the Eastern States Building Officials Federation conference in Quincy, Mass... March 27, 2013 ISA and ASA Work with Mesa Chamber of Commerce /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2906 Last week Patti King, Executive Director of the Arizona Sign Association, and ISA's James Carpentier met with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce to discuss the sign code update that the City of Mesa has recently initiated... April 2, 2013 ISA , OSHA and Crane Safety /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2907 On Tuesday, April 2, ISA participated in an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stakeholder meeting to represent the sign industry on the crane operator certification requirements... April 2, 2013 Design and Digital Programs Launch New Opportunities at ISA Expo /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2909 Education at last week’s International Sign Expo reached new heights of success as attendance increased by 9 percent compared to 2011... April 11, 2013 ISA Reaches Out to Planners at APA National Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2910 ISA staff has just returned from educating planners at the American Planning Association's national conference in Chicago, Ill... April 17, 2013 ISA and NAM Team Up for Manufacturing Summit /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2911 The International Sign Association (ISA) is joining with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to help put on a summit for America's manufacturers June 19 and 20 in our nation's capital... April 17, 2013 ISA Advocates Evidence-Based Changes to ADA Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2912 The International Sign Association is focused on ensuring that the Federal Standards of Accessible Design support the best interests the disabled community... April 24, 2013 Educating Federal Officials About the Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2913 As an increasing number of initiatives from Capitol Hill affect sign companies, ISA is meeting with federal officials to educate them on the contributions of the sign industry to our economy... April 24, 2013 Shedding Light on Illuminated Sign Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2914 In order to help the sign industry stay ahead of the regulatory curve and technological trends when it comes to sign lighting issues, ISA's David Hickey participated in LIGHTFAIR Conference & Expo... May 1, 2013 Crane Training Deadline Is Quickly Approaching /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2915 The fine for non-compliance with OSHA's Crane Operator certification rule is $7,000... May 2, 2013 On May 2 Mesa’s Sign Code Advisory Committee (SCAC) Concluded a Series of 8 Meetings /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2916 The purpose of the SCAC meetings has been to facilitate public input from community stakeholders and provide direction to the Zoning Administrator... May 8, 2013 Code Coalition /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2917 In addition to defending and promoting signs before city, state and federal officials, ISA also represents the sign industry before quasi-governmental code bodies, like the... May 9, 2013 ISA Makes Training Easy for Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2920 A common challenge we hear from sign companies is replacing workers with specific skills that move on, especially installers or router operators... May 16, 2013 ISA Helps Stop Restrictive Code in Michigan /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2921 Working with a coalition of local business leaders, ISA’s Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) and Wisconsin Sign Association Director Charlie De Moulin (Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply; New Berlin, Wisc.) successfully blocked passage of an updated sign code in Iron Mountain, Mich... May 16, 2013 Moratorium on EMCs…Bad News for Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2923 On Tuesday, the Yakima City Council held a public hearing to consider a moratorium on EMC signs... May 22, 2013 ISA Partners With Regional American Planning Association to Educate Planners and Code Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2924 Thirty-five (35) Missouri and Kansas planners attended a Planning for Sign Code Success seminar on May 17 in Mission, Kan... May 22, 2013 OSHA Proposes New Deadline for Crane Certification /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2925 <p>OSHA recently announced it is issuing a notice of proposed rulemaking to delay the implementation of crane certification...</p> May 29, 2013 Oak Harbor, Wash. Planning Commission Holds Off on EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2926 On May 28 the Oak Harbor Planning Commission held a public hearing on proposed EMC regulations... May 29, 2013 New Illinois Law Exempts On-Premise Signs from IDOT Registration /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2927 Through the efforts of ISA and the Illinois Sign Association, on May 31 the Illinois General Assembly passed industry-supported legislation... June 5, 2013 ISA Steps Up Federal Advocacy on Behalf of Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2928 ISA recently joined the American High-Performance Buildings Coalition, an alliance of manufacturing trade associations that are affected by code organizations... June 6, 2013 ISA Teams with Environmental Designers at SEGD Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2929 International Sign Association Director of Strategic Initiatives, Sapna Budev, attended the annual conference of the Society of Environmental Graphic Design... June 12, 2013 ISA Works With West Virginia Businesses to Improve Local Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2930 Last week, ISA's State & Local Government Affairs Manager, Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy), met with the Putnam County (WV) Chamber of Commerce to develop a business-backed proposal amending the county's sign ordinance... June 12, 2013 ISA Works to Finalize Proposal on Sign Wind Loads /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2936 In cooperation with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and the wind engineering research team at Texas Tech University (TTU), ISA is currently engaged in efforts to finalize a formal proposal... June 20, 2013 ISA Sign Academy Announces New Course for Sign Installers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2937 The newest course from the ISA Sign Academy Online, The Sign Installer's Guide: Freestanding Signs, features six modules... June 20, 2013 Sign Industry Makes Its Voice Heard on Capitol Hill /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2940 ISA and sign companies from all sectors of the sign industry participated in the National Association of Manufacturers’ 2013 NAM Manufacturing Summit on June 19-20... June 26, 2013 Portland Officials Meet with Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2941 Officials from Portland, Ore. met with members of the Northwest Sign Council (NWSC) and ISA on June 17... June 26, 2013 ISA Launches Urban Wayfinding Education for Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2947 The International Sign Association and The Signage Foundation, Inc. recently released an Urban Wayfinding Manual... July 10, 2013 ISA Adds Dozens of Education Sessions from ISA Sign Expo to Its Online Catalog /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2948 ISA recently added 34 new courses to its online platform, ISA Sign Academy Online... July 10, 2013 ISA Teams with International Downtown Association to Educate Downtown Developers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2950 The International Sign Association recently met with Business Improvement District (BID) managers and other downtown developers... July 17, 2013 ISA Helps Pass Key Illinois Law for On-Premise Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2951 On July 8, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Public Act 098-0056 (“Amending the Highway Advertising Control Act of 1971”)... July 17, 2013 Planners Learn the Fundamentals of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2953 Planners and code enforcement officials from 11 jurisdictions in Alabama and Tennessee participated in the ISA/MSSA/SFI Planning for Sign Code Success event... July 24, 2013 Sunnyvale, Calif. Council Makes Positive Sign Code Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2954 In late June, ISA’s James Carpentier (@jamescarpentier) testified before the Sunnyvale Council at a public hearing on revisions to the sign code... July 24, 2013 EMC Moratorium in Chicago has Sign Industry Working on Resolution /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2955 Despite ISA testimony in opposition, on July 24, the Chicago city council established a moratorium on permits for most EMCs until April 30, 2014... July 31, 2013 New Urban Wayfinding Resource Draws Hundreds of Planners and Downtown Developers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2956 ISA and the Signage Foundation, Inc. (SFI) introduced a new Urban Wayfinding Planning & Implementation Manual for planners and developers with great success... July 31, 2013 ISA Encounters Opposition to ADA Regulation Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2958 The International Sign Association is focused on ensuring that the Federal Standards of Accessible Design support the best interests the disabled community... August 6, 2013 ISA Meets with Key Senators on Small Business Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2959 ISA staff recently met with two key U.S. Senators to discuss important issues to the sign industry... August 6, 2013 Obamacare Delay Does Not Include Small Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2960 Recently the Obama administration delayed implementation of the Affordable Care Act for those businesses with more than 50 full-time equivalent employees... August 14, 2013 Looming Skilled Labor Shortage Affects Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2961 "There is a tsunami coming, if it isn't already here," said ISA Director of Education, Matt Rumbaugh, discussing the looming skilled trade labor shortage with sign shop owners... August 14, 2013 Sign Industry Educates Planners in Durham, NC /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2964 On August 16, 27 planners from more than 20 jurisdictions in North Carolina participated in the ISA/SSSC/SFI Planning for Sign Code Success event in Durham... August 21, 2013 OSHA Withdraws Inspection Program /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2965 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced its decision to withdraw a proposed rule to amend its regulations for its On-site Consultation Program... August 21, 2013 Digital Signage Experts to Advise on Efforts for Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2968 Dynamic digital signage presents a tremendous opportunity for static sign companies to transfer many of their skills to a new medium... August 28, 2013 Add Your Instructional Video to ISA’s Website! Be a part of the education of sign industry professionals. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2969 <p>Does your company have a great video with real-life examples to help sign industry professionals?...</p> August 28, 2013 Help ISA Promote Workforce Development in Your Community /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2971 Millions of young people are returning to school this week, and ISA is helping sign companies reach the next generation of workers by partnering with the National Association of Manufacturers... September 5, 2013 Need Help with Digital Signs? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2972 One of the biggest issues ISA’s sign code team faces across the country is regulations that limit and sometimes even ban the use of electronic message centers... September 5, 2013 ISA Educates Planners in Oakland /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2973 Thirty-five planners from 29 jurisdictions in California participated in the joint ISA/CSA/SFI Planning for Sign Code Success event in Oakland... September 12, 2013 BIG Discoveries are Happening at the ISA-Sponsored BIG – Wide Format Pavilion at PRINT 13 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2974 Showcasing the latest in wide format technologies, equipment and supplies, ISA sponsored the inaugural BIG - Wide Format Pavilion at this week’s PRINT 13 in Chicago... September 12, 2013 How Important are Electrical Inspectors to the Sign Industry? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2975 Proper interpretations of the National Electrical Code requirements for electric signs is vital to improving the overall regulatory environment for the sign industry... September 19, 2013 Raise Your Profits and Tax Revenue by Learning More About Economic Value of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2976 During these tough economic times, many businesses and communities are looking for ways to grow and raise revenue... September 19, 2013 Architectural Design Education Coming to Orlando in 2014 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2978 Partnering for a new Design + Connections experience at the 2014 ISA International Sign Expo in Orlando, Fla., the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) is working in collaboration with ISA to create an experiential learning environment for designers, architects, brand managers, sign companies and material suppliers... September 24, 2013 Need to Make Sense of Sign Code Issues? Watch these Animated Videos /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2979 To help give some understanding of the many factors that influence signs, ISA has developed an ongoing series of short animated videos on issues of importance to the sign industry... September 24, 2013 We Can Help You Advocate for Smart Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2980 ISA's David Hickey and Kenny Peskin recently made presentations before members of the Illinois Sign Association and the Sign Association of Canada on key issues affecting sign companies... October 3, 2013 Planners Key Component to Sign Code Success /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2981 Encourage the development of reasonable sign codes by educating the planning community on the value of signs and how they should be treated... October 3, 2013 Students and Community Members See New Options for Careers on National Manufacturing Day /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2984 Eight ISA -member companies representing 12 locations hosted students from middle school to post-high school vocational training programs and community colleges as part of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Manufacturing Day, October 4... October 9, 2013 APA on Board to Help Develop Better Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2985 The American Planning Association (APA) has teamed with ISA and its Affiliated Associations to work to improve regulations and help sign companies grow their business... October 9, 2013 Summit in Cincinnati Reveals Interesting Research on Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2991 Researchers, planners and the sign industry came together October 9 and 10 at the 2013 National Signage Research & Education Conference (NSREC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. October 17, 2013 Influencing the Development of Local Economies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2992 Research proves that visible and effective signs help promote business growth, and ISA is taking this critical message to local officials who specialize in economic development... October 17, 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers Approves Joint ISA/OAAA Proposal on Wind-loads /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2995 In late September, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Wind Loads Subcommittee voted to approve a joint proposal submitted by ISA and the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)... October 24, 2013 Discover What’s New from the ISA Sign Academy Online /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2996 Six new training courses are now available in the ISA Sign Academy Online... October 24, 2013 OSHA Deadline for Hazard Communication Training /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2997 <p>Firms whose employees handle or use hazardous chemicals should be aware that the Occupational and Safety Administration (OSHA) has established a compliance date of December 1, 2013...</p> October 25, 2013 New Video Illustrates Efforts to Promote Careers in the Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2998 Take a minute to view the just released video showcasing Sign Manufacturing Day 2013 and events at member company locations... October 30, 2013 Sign Code Sparks Fly in Nevada /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=2999 On October 18, local sign companies and ISA staff met with city planners in Sparks, Nev., to discuss sign code issues prior to public meetings regarding their proposed sign code... October 30, 2013 OSHA Meeting Addresses Sign Industry Concerns /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3000 OSHA Administrator Dr. David Michaels and other OSHA representatives recently met with ISA staff to discuss key issues of concern to small businesses and the sign industry... November 7, 2013 Sign Code Work Team Makes Key Changes to Kitsap, Wa., Sign Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3001 The fourth in a series of Sign Code Work Team meetings was held in Kitsap County, Wa., with small businesses, county officials, representatives of the Northwest Sign Council (NWSC) and ISA... November 7, 2013 OSHA Training Deadline Nears for Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3002 By December 1, 2013, many sign companies will have to be compliant with a new rule issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)... November 13, 2013 Coalition of Business Owners Make Waves at Meeting on City Ordinances in Cumberland, R.I. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3003 Sign industry advocates turned out en masse to push for larger size allowances and greater clarity in the draft sign ordinance proposed in Cumberland, R.I... November 13, 2013 SEGD Partnership Enhances Expo Experience for Designers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3004 The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) will bring innovative education and networking opportunities for designers, brand managers, architects, sign companies, and suppliers... November 21, 2013 OSHA Proposes Additional Paperwork Requirement for Aerial Lift Equipment /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3005 The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has proposed to extend approval of the information collection requirement in the Aerial Lifts Standard in Construction... November 21, 2013 New Video Promotes the Value of Signage and ISA’s Initiatives to Grow the Sign and Visual Communications Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3006 A new video hosted by ISA President and CEO Lori Anderson, illustrates how signs mean business and explains the significant role signs play in the economy... December 4, 2013 "Effective Wayfinding” Session Selected for National American Planning Association Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3007 The International Sign Association has been selected to present a session, titled “Effective Wayfinding” at the American Planning Association’s (APA) 2014 National Planning Conference... December 4, 2013 Canada Developing New Efficiency Requirements for Electric Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3009 <div style="text-align: left;">The Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) is currently developing new efficiency requirements for portable (plug-in) and permanent (hard-wired) electric signs...<br /> <br /> </div> December 11, 2013 Government Affairs Efforts Impact Hundreds of Sign Users and City Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3010 <div style="text-align: left;">Educating local government officials about sign code development and retailers about how signs improve their bottom line brought sign industry experts to...<br /> <br /> </div> December 11, 2013 Sign Code Education Impacts the Rocky Mountain State /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3011 <div style="text-align: left;">Designed to educate local sign code officials about the importance of signs to businesses and communities, a joint ISA/Colorado Sign Association (CSA)/Signage Foundation Inc. (SFI) Planning for Sign Code Success event taught participants about...</div> December 18, 2013 Federal Regulations Costly for Small Business Owners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3012 <div style="text-align: left;">Every day, businesses in America - including sign companies - spend thousands of dollars to comply with mandates from Washington, D.C. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, federal regulations cost the U.S. economy over $1 trillion a year...</div> December 18, 2013 Contentious Debate on Sign Codes Issues in Philadelphia /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3014 <div style="text-align: left;">Vigorously debating sign brightness and aesthetics with a panel of experts, ISA participated in the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission&rsquo;s (DVRPC) latest installment...</div> January 2, 2014 Here’s a Great Idea: Attend ISA International Sign Expo 2014 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3015 <div style="text-align: left;">Find all the information and insight you need to take your business to the next level...</div> January 2, 2014 Federal Highway Administration Research Says Digital Signs Don’t Distract Drivers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3016 <div style="text-align: left;">The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently released the results of research on the impact of digital signs on traffic safety. The results will directly impact the sign industry...</div> January 8, 2014 National Labor Relations Board Misses Deadline to Fight Mandating “Poster Rule” /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3017 <div style="text-align: left;">The National Labor Relations Board&rsquo;s (NLRB) so-called &ldquo;poster rule&rdquo; which proposed to mandate that manufacturers &ndash; including sign companies &ndash; post a notice...</div> January 8, 2014 Benefit Your Business by Working with Your Local Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3018 <div style="text-align: left;">What does it really take to cultivate working relationships with local officials to affect better sign code and regulations in your community?...</div> January 15, 2014 Do You Know What the Affordable Care Act Means for Your Business in 2014? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3019 <div style="text-align: left;">Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have been delayed, altered and even repealed since 2010, and these changes have an impact on the sign industry...</div> January 15, 2014 Sign Installer Training that’s Effective, Convenient AND Affordable – Can it be true? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3021 <div style="text-align: left;">Thanks to online learning from the ISA Sign Academy, your employees can get expert-led, sign industry-specific training while sitting at their computer, at their convenience, anytime...</div> January 23, 2014 Sign Installer Training that’s Effective, Convenient AND Affordable – Can it be true? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3022 <div style="text-align: left;">Thanks to online learning from the ISA Sign Academy, your employees can get expert-led, sign industry-specific training while sitting at their computer, at their convenience, anytime...</div> January 23, 2014 New Sign Safety Research Impacts Digital On-Premise Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3023 New research on the safety of digital billboards and EMCs will affect sign manufacturers... January 23, 2014 New Sign Safety Research Impacts Digital On-Premise Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3024 New research on the safety of digital billboards and EMCs will affect sign manufacturers... January 23, 2014 EMC Brightness Not So Bright /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3025 Some city officials and planning commissions believe that EMC (Electronic Message Center) brightness is significantly more than that of traditional ground signs... January 30, 2014 Small Business Administration To Appoint New Leader, ISA Continues Its Work /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3026 Protecting and promoting the interests of the sign industry, ISA has worked extensively with the Small Business Administration (SBA)... January 30, 2014 ANSI Contrast Code Mandate Defeated /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3028 At a recent meeting of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a proposed mandate that would have had a significant effect on the sign industry has been defeated. The mandate would have created tremendous difficulties in enforcement without any proof that it would benefit those it was designed to assist... February 5, 2014 Importance of Signs – Major Discussion Topic During 2014 Small Business Day /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3029 Government officials and the sign and visual communications industry came together to discuss the importance of signs to the economic development of businesses and communities during 2014 Small Business Day... February 5, 2014 Coalition Helps to Change Law for Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3030 State officials recently heard testimony in support of a bill that would exempt sign companies from requiring licensed electrical contractors to install and maintain signs and light fixtures... February 13, 2014 Meeting Amends New Sign Code for County before Final Vote /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3031 The fifth and last in a series of meetings to discuss major revisions to county sign code was held with end users, county officials and representatives of the sign and visual communications industry... February 13, 2014 OSHA Proposes to Extend Crane Safety Deadline /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3032 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced that they have officially proposed a rule that would delay the implementation of crane certification requirements impacting the sign and visual communications industry from November 10th, 2014 to... February 19, 2014 Are Variances Delaying Delivery of Products to Your Customers? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3033 Do you need help with these variances? As if sign and visual communications companies aren&rsquo;t busy enough getting ordinary permits for almost every on-premise sign they sell, sometimes... February 19, 2014 Cities Continue to Look to ISA for Sign Code Expertise /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3034 When looking for expertise and guidance in developing new sign codes, public officials increasingly look to ISA for answers. Last Thursday, the planning staff... February 26, 2014 State Legislature Approves Bill Beneficial to the Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3035 On February 18, 2014, the Wisconsin Legislature unanimously approved a bill that exempts sign companies from... February 26, 2014 U.S. House Passes ISA-Endorsed Regulatory Reform /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3037 <p>The sign and visual communications industry faces an extraordinary amount of federal regulations that have a direct impact on their bottom line. That&rsquo;s why ISA recently joined with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other manufacturing groups to...</p> March 5, 2014 New Statewide Sign Regulations Opposed by ISA as Not Good for Business in Kentucky /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3038 <p>For many years, billboards and other off-premise signs have been subject to regulations on both a municipal and a state level. On-premise signs are not subject to most Highway Beautification Act provisions and generally are exempt from state controls, regulated instead only through local permits. But newly proposed regulations...</p> March 5, 2014 Business Boosting Strategies Available to Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3041 The sign and visual communications industry&rsquo;s leading experts will be available to help businesses tackle issues they face as part of... March 12, 2014 Help Determine New Efficiency Requirements for Electric Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3042 New national standards currently are being developed for portable (plug-in) and permanent (hard-wired) electric signs... March 12, 2014 Sign Designs May Change to Accommodate Visually Impaired /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3043 Significant changes may come to signage as part of the ANSI 2015 model code process, a standard which often is incorporated into building codes. To better improve these standards, without creating confusion for sign designers and inspecting bodies, ISA and members have advocated... March 20, 2014 Wayfinding Signage Resources Available /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3044 In an effort to boost tourism and city pride, towns of all sizes are adopting wayfinding systems. But planning and executing the right system... March 20, 2014 Get Up to Speed on the Latest Sign Industry Trends /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3047 The sign industry is undergoing significant changes driven by new technologies and new avenues of business. Sign companies that want to explore these new business opportunities... March 26, 2014 Let UL Know What Issues Affect Your Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3048 Have you ever wanted the opportunity to speak directly to UL representatives and ask them about issues that concern you and your company? Now&rsquo;s your chance! ... March 26, 2014 Attorneys Receive Training in On-Premise Sign Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3049 The American Bar Association recently provided continuing education for attorneys... April 2, 2014 States Approve Sign Installer Training /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3050 Educational programs for sign installers recently were approved... April 2, 2014 Smart Companies Invest in Training /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3052 New research shows that top U.S. companies increased their budgets by 15 percent... April 10, 2014 City Seeks Sign Industry Input on Codes Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3053 Last week, city officials sought input from sign industry leaders... April 10, 2014 Sign Companies Fight Regulatory Issues /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3055 Regulatory and code issues at the local, state and federal levels can certainly impact a sign company&rsquo;s bottom line. Arm yourself with... April 16, 2014 ‘Vital’ Information for Sign Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3056 Educating and informing planners and other local officials is a central goal... April 16, 2014 Business Boosting Ideas, All in One Place /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3057 Sign industry professionals who are ready to grow their businesses found... April 23, 2014 Code Issues Continue On /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3058 Sign regulations don&rsquo;t stop, not even... April 23, 2014 A Resource on EMC Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3061 Electronic message centers are one of the most heavily regulated... April 30, 2014 Gauge the State of the Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3062 Growth, new equipment, new hires and areas of concern... April 30, 2014 FOR RELEASE: Victory Lifts Temporary Ban on Digital Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3063 Chicago&rsquo;s temporary ban on digital signs is over and International Sign Association... May 2, 2014 Digital Signage Back On in Major U.S. City /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3066 City leaders have voted to allow digital signage again... May 7, 2014 National Planners Conference Learns About Importance of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3067 The recent American Planning Association&rsquo;s 2014 National Planning Conference featured... May 7, 2014 National Planners Conference Learns About Importance of Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3068 The recent American Planning Association&rsquo;s 2014 National Planning Conference featured... May 7, 2014 Digital Printing Continues to Grow in Wide Format Print Market /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3070 &gt;Digital printing offers small sign shops a more efficient... May 14, 2014 SDC 2014 Offers Insights Into Future Industry Innovations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3071 A look into the future of the sign and visual communications industry is on tap at the exclusive... May 14, 2014 Get Heard on the Hill! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3075 Getting your voice heard by lawmakers reinforces the vital role that sign companies... May 22, 2014 Time Running Out for Magnetic Sign Ballasts /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3076 Manufacturing of magnetic-type ballasts for fluorescent signs will be phased out... May 22, 2014 Print Media Spending Expected to Grow /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3077 Wide format digital print media is an important cost... May 28, 2014 What’s All the Fuss Over Typography? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3078 When concepting or designing a sign, do you debate serif versus sans serif with impassioned logic? Well, you&rsquo;re not alone. Of all the elements of a sign, typography, when used properly, has the ability to... May 28, 2014 What’s All the Fuss Over Typography? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3079 When concepting or designing a sign, do you debate serif versus sans serif with impassioned logic? Well, you&rsquo;re not alone. Of all the elements of a sign, typography, when used properly, has the ability to... May 28, 2014 Give Me a (Tax) Break /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3082 Legislation to permanently extend certain tax provisions... June 4, 2014 Planners Trained on Impact of Signs and Sign Technologies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3083 More than 25 planners and sign code officials learned about... June 4, 2014 New Requirements for Electric Signs Developed /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3085 A new national standard for permanent (hard-wired) electric signs has been drafted... June 12, 2014 Sign Companies Urge Congress to Support Manufacturing Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3086 Sign companies have made their voices loud and clear on Capitol Hill... June 12, 2014 ISA Teams with Experiential Designers at SEGD Conference /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3087 The International Sign Association attended the annual conference of the Society of... June 18, 2014 Kitsap CO Commissioner’s Hold Public Hearings /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3088 The County Planning Commission held two public hearings this month... June 18, 2014 Industry-Developed Research Used to Improve Virginia Sign Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3090 On June 24, ISA&rsquo;s Kenny Peskin (@signcodeguy) and the Virginia Sign Association (VASA) successfully amended proposed sign regulations in Newport News, Va... June 25, 2014 Top Sign Industry Executives Gather for Thought-Provoking Discussions /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3091 C-suite level executives from some of the sign industry&rsquo;s largest companies got a look into the future... June 25, 2014 Planners and Code Officials Educated about Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3094 Educating planners and local officials about the importance of effective signage is crucial to the... July 2, 2014 We Need Tax Extenders /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3095 The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill that ISA and sign companies strongly support... July 2, 2014 New Guideline Proposals for Historic Signs in Major Southwest City /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3096 Sweeping changes to guidelines for signage in Historic Districts or on Landmark buildings was a hot topic at a hearing by the... July 10, 2014 Architects and Sign Industry Build Relationships /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3097 Architects and the sign industry are building bridges after coming together at the... July 10, 2014 Evidence-Based Changes Advocated for ADA Regulations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3118 At a recent meeting of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a proposed mandate that would have had a significant effect on the sign and visual communications industry... July 23, 2014 Heard on the Hill: Policymakers Informed About Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3119 A lawmaker&rsquo;s understanding of the sign industry is vital to... July 23, 2014 Sign Companies’ Fight to Clarify State Regulation of On-Premise Signage Rages On /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3123 For many years, billboards and other off-premise signs have been subject to regulations on both a municipal and a state level. On-premise signs are generally exempt from state controls, regulated instead only through local permits. But newly proposed regulations... July 30, 2014 Planners Have Big Impact on Sign and Visual Communications Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3124 Having a direct impact on the sign and visual communications, twenty-five planners... July 30, 2014 After Two Years, EMC Regulations Adjusted /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3125 In conjunction with an entire update of the Apache Junction Zoning Regulations, City Council approved... August 6, 2014 New Sign Regulations for Major Ohio City /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3126 New regulations for &ldquo;automatic changeable copy&rdquo; signs and billboards were approved in a 5-0 vote by the Columbus (OH) City Council... August 6, 2014 Two Tech Research Projects Presented to Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3129 Research is a key component to educating and growing the sign... August 14, 2014 Just In: Arizona County Updating EMC Regulations and Light Pollution Code /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3130 On August 13, 2014 the Cochise County Planning Commissioners recommended approval... August 14, 2014 New Study: Signs Pack a Meaningful and Positive Punch to the US Economy /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3133 ISA has released the new ISA Economic Impact of the Sign &amp; Visual Communications Industry by Ernst &amp; Young, which shows the effect... August 21, 2014 Don’t Keep Signs in the Dark /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3134 The International Dark Skies Association (IDA) wants to restrict outdoor... August 21, 2014 IAEI Oh... /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3161 Hundreds of electrical inspectors now have a better understanding of... August 28, 2014 New Resource for Print Shops /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3162 As if sign companies don&rsquo;t have enough federal issues to deal with when it comes to taxes, energy costs and workforce development, there are also... August 28, 2014 Join In! Be Part of Sign Manufacturing Day /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3164 Are you ready to inspire the next generation of... September 3, 2014 How Big Is Our Industry? What’s Its Economic Outlook? Get the Answers. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3165 A new webinar will be covering two recent and compelling research projects about the... September 3, 2014 Planners and Code Officials Educated About Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3166 Educating planners and local officials about the importance of effective signage is crucial to... September 10, 2014 Reminder - No cell phone use while driving! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3167 Breaking this law could hit you right in the pocket book! Safety regulations from the U.S. Department of Transportation prohibit interstate commercial truck drivers from using... September 10, 2014 Prep Yourself to Take on Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3168 Are you ready to fight when it comes to oppressive... September 17, 2014 California Dreaming (and Planning) /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3169 Hundreds of planners in California are now better informed about sign... September 17, 2014 Sign Companies Ramping Up for Sign Manufacturing Day /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3170 Sign Manufacturing Day&trade; 2014 is right around the corner and it&rsquo;s shaping up to be quite an event with... September 25, 2014 U.S. Planners Study Up on EMCs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3171 Planners from around the country have a better understanding of EMCs thanks to... September 25, 2014 It’s Official: OSHA Extends Crane Safety Deadline /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3172 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has officially delayed the implementation of crane certification requirements impacting the sign and visual communications industry from November 10, 2014 to... October 2, 2014 Thousands Attend a “Must See” Graph Expo 2014 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3173 Graph Expo 2014 is a &ldquo;wrap&rdquo; and organizers say the four day event was a complete... October 2, 2014 More Red Tape for Sign Companies /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3174 The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced a new rule that will impact... October 8, 2014 Sign Companies Spark Interest for Next Workforce Generation /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3175 Thousands of students around the country are now thinking about careers in the... October 8, 2014 Working to Save Your Business Money /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3177 How much is bureaucratic red tape from Washington DC costing your sign company? The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has issued a new report that shows the macroeconomic impact of federal regulations on our nation&rsquo;s manufacturers. The results, which can be found&hellip; October 15, 2014 New Research Provides Important Findings for Sign and Visual Communications Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3178 Nearly 100 academics, planners, designers, and sign industry professionals convened at the University of Cincinnati for... October 15, 2014 New Research Forecasts Market Trends /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3179 The latest installment of the ISA Sign Industry Market Monitor is out with new research that will... October 22, 2014 California Dreamin’: Educating Planners about Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3180 Educating planners and local officials about the importance of effective signage is crucial to the... October 22, 2014 Sign Community Reaches Out to Planners at SNEAPA /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3183 One of most effective ways to enact reasonable sign codes so that businesses and communities benefit is to... October 30, 2014 Sign Companies Benefit by Working with Local Officials /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3184 What does it really take to cultivate working relationships with local officials to affect better sign code and regulations in your community?... October 30, 2014 Registration for ISA Sign Expo 2015 is OPEN! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3185 Are you ready for Vegas? We are! And the International Sign Association is inviting you to... November 6, 2014 Statewide Sign Regulations Highlighted at 11/13 Public Hearing /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3186 For many years, billboards and other off-premise signs have been subject to regulations on both a municipal and a state level. On-premise are not subject to most Highway Beautification Act provisions and generally are exempt from state controls, regulated instead only through local permits. But newly proposed regulations in... November 6, 2014 Alexandria’s Sign Ordinance Is a No-Go /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3187 If Alexandria officials seem reluctant to defend their city&rsquo;s 50-year-old ordinance prohibiting... November 6, 2014 Leave the Lights On /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3190 An increasing number of cities are trying to restrict sign lighting brightness, even though new research has come out demonstrating the value that illuminated signs bring to America&rsquo;s small businesses. Working with the Signage Foundation Inc., Villanova University&rsquo;s Ray Taylor surveyed over 300 retailers across the country and found... November 13, 2014 ISA Influencing the NEC /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3191 Building on highly successful outcomes during the 2011 and 2014 National Electrical Code cycles, ISA recently submitted new proposals for... November 13, 2014 Signage Foundation Marks Five Year Collaboration with the University of Cincinnati /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3192 The Signage Foundation Inc. (SFI) recently completed its five-year conference partnership with the University of Cincinnati... November 14, 2014 OSHA Updates Employer-Reporting Requirements for Occupational Accidents and Injuries /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3193 Beginning January 1, 2015, there will be a change to what covered employers are required to report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration... November 18, 2014 How ISA Advocates in 30,000 Jurisdictions /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3194 The International Sign Association works in communities all over the country... November 19, 2014 Another ‘YES’ for EMCs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3195 It was a comprehensive update to the sign code &ndash; one approved by the Board of County Commissioners in... November 19, 2014 Planners Educated About Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3196 Educating planners and local officials about the importance of effective signage is crucial to the development of reasonable... November 19, 2014 Sign Careers Pique Interest from Tech Educators /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3199 Working with career and technical educators is crucial to ensuring the sign and visual communications industry has the skilled... December 10, 2014 Breaking Down Architectural Signage Opportunities /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3200 The International Sign Association has been working extensively with the architectural signage community over the past few years &ndash; providing... December 10, 2014 City Officials and Effective Sign Codes – Can This Be True? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3214 Mayors, city council members and city staff &ndash;the very people who usually vote on and approve sign ordinances &ndash; gathered... December 17, 2014 End Your Frustration - New Online Resource for UL Subscribers Unveiled /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3215 If your business is a subscriber to Underwriter Laboratories LLC (UL) follow-up service (FUS) for sign certification, a new online resource is... December 17, 2014 Supreme Court to Hear Sign Code Case /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3224 The U.S. Supreme Court will tackle a hotly debated sign ordinance out of Arizona next week. Reed v. Town of Gilbert challenges a sign code that... January 8, 2015 Regulators Learn How and Why Digital Signage Can Work /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3225 Dozens of regulators now have new insights into the world of&hellip; January 8, 2015 New Report Details Important Information for Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3227 What will 2015 bring the sign industry? According to a new report, conditions for four major sections are... January 14, 2015 Your Sneak Peek at Sign Expo’s Educational Activities /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3228 Some studies have shown that training improves employee productivity by as much as... January 14, 2015 How Networking Boosts Profits /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3230 When there are thousands of professionals in one spot, should you grab... January 21, 2015 New Research Influences Future Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3231 New research on the safety of digital billboards and EMCs, the visibility of illuminated color signs in fog, the impacts of sunglasses on color measurement of... January 21, 2015 Persuading Planners /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3232 Educating and informing local officials about reasonable sign codes is a central goal of ISA&rsquo;s online newsletter, Vital Signs... January 29, 2015 New Video Targets Next Generation of Sign Professionals /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3233 Educating, inspiring and recruiting the next generation of workers is an issue facing companies within the sign and visual communications industry. But an innovative, new... January 29, 2015 Improving Codes and Safety Requirements within Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3236 Electrical safety and compliance are top priorities for many businesses involved in the sign and visual communications industry. That&rsquo;s just one of the reasons why... February 4, 2015 ISA Sign Expo 2015 Breaks Records and Makes History /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3237 If you&rsquo;ve been on the fence about attending this year&rsquo;s ISA International Sign Expo, make your reservations now! This year&rsquo;s show is making history by... February 4, 2015 Educating Electrical Inspectors About Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3238 Most sign companies interact with electrical inspectors on a regular basis, as these inspectors have the authority to enforce the National Electrical Code&reg; and approve installations of electric signs. Yet work on electrical signs is... February 12, 2015 One Simple Way to Enhance Your Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3239 While we expect you to spend hours on our massive show floor, ISA Sign Expo 2015 is also the place where you can expand your business by doing one simple thing... February 12, 2015 New Colorado Statewide Sign Regulations Enacted on February 14 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3240 For many years, billboards and other off-premise signs have been subject to regulations on both... February 19, 2015 Calling Future Leaders: Apply for ISA Elite Program /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3241 If you're an industry professional under the age of 35, there's a brand new ISA... February 19, 2015 Train Your Entire Staff– Just 24 Hours to Sign Up /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3244 Time is ticking! You only have 24 hours to take full advantage of February 25, 2015 Get Your Social Media in Order for Sign Expo! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3245 When you get to ISA Sign Expo 2015 in April, be sure to have your social media... February 25, 2015 3 Ways ISA Saves Your Company from Costly Red Tape /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3249 According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, federal regulations cost the U.S. economy over $1 trillion a year, and according to the National Association of Manufacturers, it costs... March 4, 2015 Live Demos – Free! Are You Interested? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3250 How would you like to get an up-close and personal view of the hottest innovations taking the printing industry... March 4, 2015 Lounge, Learn and Meet Retail (r)Evolution Author /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3251 If you&rsquo;re looking for somewhat of a &ldquo;brain break&rdquo; at ISA Sign Expo, we suggest you take full advantage of... March 4, 2015 Major Announcement About ISA Sign Expo 2015 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3255 It&rsquo;s less than one month until the kickoff of ISA International Sign Expo 2015 and the show is making big headlines... March 12, 2015 Feeling Lucky? Register for ISA Sign Expo Discounts /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3256 Friday the 13th doesn&rsquo;t have to be an unlucky day &ndash; especially if you like deep discounts and are planning to... March 12, 2015 Let Emerging Technologies Present Big Opportunities /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3258 Technology is driving profound changes in all aspects of the sign and visual communications industry. And nowhere is that more prevalent than on the... March 19, 2015 Tax Break for Sign Industry Purchases /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3259 There&rsquo;s a bill before the U.S. Senate that you should not only support, but it&rsquo;s one that could also... March 19, 2015 All Aboard for the ISA Elite /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3263 Think back to your days as a young professional trying to navigate your way through the sign and visual communications industry. Can you imagine the leg-up you would&rsquo;ve had if... March 26, 2015 One Study. Two Businesses. Big Success! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3264 Solid research is vital to growing a business. But even better than having that information at your fingertips is an actual... March 26, 2015 What Does Kermit Have in Common with Sign Expo? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3266 Next week, some of the newest and most innovative products will be on full display at the ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas. As always, there are two specific categories that we need you to pay extra close attention to... April 1, 2015 Game Changers: Where Motorcycles and Minds Connect /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3267 Make Some Noise: Open the Throttle and Dominate Your Marketplace! How&rsquo;s that for an education session title that&rsquo;s already getting a lot of attention at this year&rsquo;s ISA International Sign Expo. And that&rsquo;s largely due to the featured speaker at this event... April 1, 2015 “Hey gang, let’s put on a show!” /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3270 Did you ever see that Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie &ldquo;Babes in Arms&rdquo;? Even if you never caught it during a late&ndash;night filmfest... April 6, 2015 Going Global with the Latest in Retail Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3271 The Mandalay Bay Convention Center has been a hub of activity for the sign and visual communications industry over the last few weeks... April 6, 2015 You Voted! And the Winner Goes To... /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3275 The ISA International Sign Expo is a wrap!&nbsp; But there&rsquo;s still plenty of headlines coming out of last week&rsquo;s event &ndash; like the winners for Best New Product and Best Green Product. April 16, 2015 Lonnie Stabler Honored for Dedication to Sign Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3276 He was part of the sign and visual communications industry for more than three decades. And he spent most of that time as a member of the International Sign Association and Texas Sign Association... April 16, 2015 ISA Sign Expo Attendees Take Home New Products and New Ideas /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3282 The International Sign Association&rsquo;s president and CEO, Lori Anderson, said it best, &ldquo;ISA Sign Expo 2015 was exhilarating.&rdquo; Not only was it a historic show for ISA, but there were a lot of "firsts"... April 22, 2015 New Industry Research Now Online – Webinar Next Week /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3283 There&rsquo;s brand new research into the sign and visual communications industry that can help you grow your business. There&rsquo;s also an accompanying webinar to help you navigate the information... April 22, 2015 Hundreds of Planners Log-On to Talk About Downtown Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3286 Let&rsquo;s set the scene. It&rsquo;s Downtown Somewhere and planners are going back and forth about sign codes... April 30, 2015 3 New ISA Videos You Don’t Want to Miss /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3287 The ISA International Sign Expo 2015 was a whirlwind of activity. New products, new partnerships and the International Sign Association&rsquo;s latest project &ndash; new informational videos! ... April 30, 2015 Did You Hear About “Mobilegeddon”? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3288 Folks in Texas celebrated San Jacinto Day on April 21. And in Ohio, child care workers were being honored. But did April 21 mean anything special to you? It should if you have a website!... May 6, 2015 Thousands of Planners Gather to Learn About Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3289 Six months ago, a planner from York County, Virginia was attempting to revise regulations that pertain to electronic signs. It&rsquo;s a daunting task and a familiar one to many planners and sign code experts... May 6, 2015 New eBook Demystifies Digital Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3290 The digital signage industry is growing and evolving at warp speed. So is the desire among sign companies to learn more about it... May 13, 2015 Sign News Alert: South Carolina Officials Tackle Licensing Issue Today /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3291 The very first meeting of South Carolina&rsquo;s Sign Study Committee takes place in Columbia, S.C. today... May 13, 2015 Supreme Court to Release Decision on Sign Code Case /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3293 Any day now, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on a hotly debated sign ordinance case out of Arizona. The outcome of this case is extremely important to cities and towns all across the country... May 21, 2015 OSHA Issues Final Rule Governing Confined Spaces /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3294 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a final ruling that affects sign companies that do installation work within confines spaces... May 21, 2015 How Signage Can Make Downtown THE Place to Be /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3296 Design innovations like improved legibility, quality materials, modern lighting and architectural integration all come together to create successful signage.... May 27, 2015 3 Reasons to Checkout New Sign Industry Career Center /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3297 Here&rsquo;s something we can all agree on&hellip;job-hunting can be frustrating and time-consuming! But that&rsquo;s not the case anymore if you&rsquo;re looking for a career in the sign and visual communications industry... May 27, 2015 Trouble backfilling positions? Average age of your workforce increasing? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3299 The challenge of building a strong, consistent workforce and attracting young people is a serious threat to the sign and visual communications industry&hellip;can someone say, &ldquo;Challenge accepted&rdquo;?... June 3, 2015 Sign Companies Urge Congress to Support Manufacturing Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3300 June 4, 2015 Signage Showcased to 150 Community Planning Leaders /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3303 ISA&rsquo;s Advocacy staff recently participated in the National Association of Regional Council&rsquo;s (NARC) Annual Conference in Raleigh, N.C... June 10, 2015 Putting the Power in Digital Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3304 Some sign companies are already flourishing in the digital signage arena. Some are slowly wading in, while others are still on the sidelines. Where are you?... June 10, 2015 They See the Light! /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3305 Tomorrow, dozens of local officials will be educated on one of the most prominent sign code issues facing communities &ndash; EMC brightness &ndash; in a session conducted by ISA&rsquo;s Kenny Peskin... June 17, 2015 Industry Leaders Gather in Denver to Discuss Future of Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3306 Profit margins. Attracting and retaining skilled workers. Effective management of millennials. These are hot button issues impacting the sign and visual communications industry &ndash; and key leaders are not taking it lying down... June 17, 2015 Supreme Court Ruling Creates Need for Clear Guidelines in Regulating Temporary Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3308 The U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously ruled on the issue of temporary signs, an often contentious and confusing issue for communities around the country. Reed v. Town of Gilbert... June 18, 2015 International Sign Association Responds to Supreme Court Ruling in Reed v. Town of Gilberg /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3309 The International Sign Association, the sign and visual communications industry&rsquo;s leading trade association, released the following statement in response to today&rsquo;s Supreme Court ruling on temporary signs... June 18, 2015 U.S. Supreme Court Ruling: What It Means for the Sign and Visual Communications Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3313 Last week the Supreme Court issued a ruling in its first sign code case in more than 20 years. While the broad impact is still being determined (and likely will for years to come) it could leave communities re-evaluating their sign codes to... June 25, 2015 We’re Talking Signage, Planners... /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3314 Educating planners and local officials about the importance of effective signage is crucial to the development of reasonable sign codes. That&rsquo;s why when planners serving over 381,000 residents convene to discuss... June 25, 2015 Moratorium on Signs Because of Recent Decision /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3320 An increasing number of communities across the country have responded to the recent U.S. Supreme Court case of Reed v. Town Gilbert by enacting moratoriums on sign permitting while... July 1, 2015 Q2 Economic Report Shows Above-Average Industry Growth /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3321 Industry Q2 Economic Report continues to show a stronger-than-average outlook for the sign and visual communications industry. The report, compiled by IHS and Vandiver Associates, analyzes... July 1, 2015 5 Resources Sign Companies Can Use to Help Fight Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3323 For communities discussing sign code issues, there is a website that includes links to numerous helpful&mdash;and free&mdash;resources... July 9, 2015 An Answer to Worker Shortages /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3324 Finding the next generation of workers is a challenge for many companies in the sign and visual communication industry. But some companies have learned one of the best ways to engage future workers is to... July 9, 2015 Planners Seeking Input on Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3326 Planners are vital to the sign and visual communications industry and planners, holding tremendous power over whether sign projects are approved... July 15, 2015 Downtown Signs Improve Experience for Residents, Tourists Alike /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3327 A vibrant downtown is critical to any city and town. It improves quality of life and draws tourists. A well-developed sign program can improve the overall experience... July 15, 2015 Sign Companies Given Clarification on Electrical Licensing /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3331 Clarifications sought by the sign and visual communications industry has led to guidance on what types of licensing is required for companies that provide... July 22, 2015 EMCs Under Fire in Top 10 U.S. City /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3332 Proposed regulations limiting the size, brightness and hold time of electronic message centers and nonconforming signs are on the agenda for the... July 22, 2015 Community Becomes Latest to Adopt Industry’s EMC’s Recommendations /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3335 No one understands electronic message centers as well as the sign and visual communications industry. Sometimes this expertise can be overlooked when communities try to regulate EMCs... July 29, 2015 What’s a Sign Worth? A Lot /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3336 The economy is chugging along for some and challenging for others. This uneven economic time leaves businesses looking for effective ways to promote their goods and services... July 29, 2015 Hatch Lighting Lists Multiple Products in the UL Sign Components Manual /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3337 The SAM manual is designed to be a buyers guide for the sign industry. By using components listed in the SAM, sign manufacturers can streamline the UL certification process and... July 30, 2015 Planners Gain More Understanding of Sign Codes Post Supreme Court Ruling /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3338 More than 700 local planners from around the country learned how to better navigate sign codes after a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. A webcast conducted by nationally known planning law expert... August 6, 2015 Time Ticking to Participate in Sign Manufacturing Day /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3339 A shortage of skilled workers is one of the most perplexing&mdash;and potentially damaging&mdash;issues facing the sign and visual communications industry. Nearly two dozen companies are combatting that issue by joining...<br /> August 6, 2015 Planners Discuss Supreme Court Ruling’s Impact on Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3340 How should a local community respond to the recent Supreme Court of the United States ruling in Reed v. Town of Gilbert? That is a question that has been on many planners&rsquo; minds since the June ruling... August 12, 2015 35-Year-Old Sign Ordinance Replaced with One That Allows EMCs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3341 Jimmy Carter was president. And we still didn&rsquo;t know who shot J.R... August 12, 2015 Come into Compliance with EPA 6H Rule Training Requirements /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3342 Five years can fly by. Is it time to retrained employees to remain compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency&rsquo;s (EPA) rule on the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP)?... August 19, 2015 All Signs Point to Success with Digital /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3343 There seems to be no slowing down where digital signs are concerned. ISA&rsquo;s Quarterly Economic Report for the second quarter of 2015 showed continued favorable conditions well into 2017... August 19, 2015 Sign Moratoriums: An Overreaction to Supreme Court Ruling /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3345 What if your sign company couldn&rsquo;t get a new sign permitted for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days? It would certainly have a dramatic impact on your business and your customers... August 27, 2015 Seizing the Opportunity to Improve Sign Codes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3346 When a community issued notices of sign violations to a significant portion of the businesses in her community, a local Chamber of Commerce executive director stepped into action... August 27, 2015 Get The Latest Sign and Visual Communications News /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3347 Staying on top of trends and issues in the sign and visual communications industry is vital to any business. But who has time to search... September 3, 2015 Major Metropolitan Area Makes EMC Changes /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3348 A major metropolitan city has approved two codes related to digital signs, removing one requirement that could have negatively affected every digital sign in the city... September 3, 2015 Shipments Of Connected Digital Signs Will Reach 17.2 Million In 2019 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3358 September 14, 2015 SEGD Wayfinding Event, Miami, Fla., April 14 & 15, 2016 /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3419 SEGD is excited to hold the annual Wayfinding event in Miami this April, hosted by Miami International Airport. The two day event starts on Thursday, April 14 with a full day of talks and dialogues focused on learning for transportation, workplace, education, and healthcare environments... March 22, 2016 Kidsfit Founder Touts Benefits of His Roland Equipment /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3489 Irvine, California-based Roland DGA, a manufacturer of wide-format printers, cutters and engraving devices, is the tool of choice for Huger, South Carolina-based Kidsfit, a manufacturer of youth fitness equipment... November 3, 2016 ITSENCLOSURES Installs Digital Signage at Columbus Airport /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3491 Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania-based ITSENCLOSURES, a maker of outdoor digital signage enclosures for digital menu boards and LCD displays, announces the installation of an all-weather LCD enclosure at the John Glenn Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio... November 10, 2016 St. John's University Gives Big Upgrade to Carnesecca Arena With New Daktronics Video Displays /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3493 New display increases square footage by 71.9% over existing centerhung. November 17, 2016 The Essence of Commercial Signs /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3494 The essence of commercial signs is to communicate an invitation to an audience to enter a transaction... November 24, 2016 RDH Supply Introduces Super Category to Sign and Graphics Industry /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3496 RDH Supply, Inc., has initiated a new category of wide format print supplies; the Super category. Company employees are excited to introduce a new level of product that offers specifications above and beyond... December 2, 2016 Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport Hotel Keeps Passengers Up to Speed with Digital Signage /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3498 Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport, a hotel close to Jacksonville International in Florida, plans to deploy a FlyteBoard digital signage flight information display to help guests grab their flights on time... December 6, 2016 Industry Executive Joins Vixxo to Lead Signage & Lighting Business /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3502 Vixxo, the nation&rsquo;s leading provider of technology-enabled asset management solutions and one of the largest signage companies in the country welcomes industry veteran Tim O&rsquo;Donnell to lead the company&rsquo;s signage business... December 22, 2016 Direct Color Systems Receives Patent for ADA-Compliant Braille Sign Printing Process /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3503 Direct Color Systems (&ldquo;Direct Color LLC&rdquo;) is pleased to announce that they have received the patent for their innovative UV LED ADA-Compliant Braille sign printing process... December 22, 2016 Don't Fall for These 5 Common LED Sign Myths /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3505 The biggest critics and skeptics of LED signs are usually people who&rsquo;ve never used one, never plan to, and aren&rsquo;t very good at checking the facts... December 30, 2016 Massivit 3D Helps Create World's First 3D-printed Retail Store During Christmas Season /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3508 Massivit 3D Printing Technologies (Lod, Israel) has announced that its customer, OMUS (a specialist 3D printer in Australia) has constructed what is believed to be the world&rsquo;s first 3D-printed, pop-up retail store on behalf of luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton... January 2, 2017 NEW Epson SureColor P5000 17" Printer /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3511 Epson SureColor P5000 17&rdquo; Inkjet Printer will come in 3 different versions which are explained below. The all-new SureColor P5000 Printers are designed for photographers, fine artists and graphic professionals across the industry... January 10, 2017 Excelsus Solutions, LLC: First Printer in North America to Purchase Agfa Graphics' New Jeti Mira LED /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3513 Excelsus Solutions, LLC of Rochester, NY, is the first print service provider in North America to purchase Agfa Graphics' newest LED engine, the Jeti Mira LED... January 17, 2017 Padres Hall of Fame Exhibit a Grand Slam /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3516 Ch&eacute;rie Morgan, principal of Morgan Design, had a vision for the new San Diego Padres Hall of Fame: 8-foot-tall displays of legendary Padres rising seamlessly, glowing, from the floor... January 27, 2017 The Signage Foundation Rebrands to The Sign Research Foundation to Better Reflect Its Mission /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3517 The Sign Research Foundation (SRF, formerly the Signage Foundation) has a new name and a new look, but will continue on its mission of empowering communities through research on vibrant and effective sign strategies, systems and codes... February 2, 2017 Encompass Sign Awarded Exclusive North America Distributorship for Workshop2 Products /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3520 Workshop2 Limited, the European leader specializing in high-quality engineered directional and wayfinding products announced today that it has signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Encompass Sign Systems, a U.S.-based leader in thermoformed ADA and pre-engineered architectural sign systems... February 10, 2017 Sign Package Installed at New Apartment Complex /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3523 The River House Apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin consist of new U-Shaped buildings located along the Milwaukee River... February 14, 2017 Océ ProStream /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3525 Building on a decade of experience in inkjet technology, Canon U.S.A, Inc. has announced its new Oc&eacute; ProStream series inkjet press, a solution designed to open up new business opportunities for commercial printers... February 27, 2017 KVMSwitchTech Introduces New Cascading 4K UHD HDMI Video Wall Unit /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3526 KVMSwitchTech announces the introduction of their new HDMI Video Wall VW-HDMI-4K. This unit joins an ever expanding list of HDMI capable Digital Signage products that allow a single high definition image to be stretched together across multiple screens... February 28, 2017 ADA Signage Made More Efficient With a UV LED Printer /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3527 Producing ADA signage can be a very profitable sector for your business; however, if you are relying on old methods of printing these signs, you are costing your company way more time and money than is necessary... March 6, 2017 Daktronics and National Signs Install Tallest LED Display Structure in Houston /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3528 Daktronics Inc. (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, S.D., and National Signs in Houston recently partnered in completing a record-tall order in Houston, a 90-foot-tall display structure located at Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land... March 3, 2017 AXYZ Demonstrates the Value of Programmable CNC Routing /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3532 Two CNC routers in a workshopWith over 25 years of experience developing high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting solutions, AXYZ International has demonstrated the value of programmable CNC routing, says the company... March 23, 2017 How Can You Trust the Quality of Your Traffic Signs? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3534 Do you install or maintain the traffic signs on your roads? Chances are you purchase signs from the lowest bidder... March 27, 2017 BASF and Landa Partner to Create Revolutionary Pigments for Automotive Coatings /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3537 BASF and Landa Labs announced their strategic long-term partnership today at the European Coatings Show (ECS) in Nuremberg, Germany... April 4, 2017 Lehigh Valley IronPigs Bring Big Video Experience to the Ballpark /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3539 Daktronics Installs 3,160-square-foot display at Coca-Cola Park...<br /> <div><br /> </div> April 7, 2017 3A Composites' New Pro Series Next-Generation Graphic Display Boards with Enhanced Printing Surfaces /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3542 3A Composites USA's all new PRO Series &ndash; the next generation of graphic display boards featuring enhanced printing surfaces &ndash; will be introduced at the ISA International Sign Expo 2017 to be held April 20-22 in Las Vegas... April 20, 2017 UV Flatbed Printer in the Advertising Industry Selling the Main Reason Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3544 UV flat-panel printer UV curing ink can be printed directly on a variety of materials, ink most of the characteristics of environmental protection, you can completely replace the traditional outdoor advertising inkjet equipment and indoor photo, and can be widely used in the field of indoor home decoration in the future Of the advertising industry can occupy a dominant position... April 22, 2017 UV Flatbed Printer in the Advertising Industry Selling the Main Reason Shanghai DER New Material Co., Ltd. /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3545 UV flat-panel printer UV curing ink can be printed directly on a variety of materials, ink most of the characteristics of environmental protection, you can completely replace the traditional outdoor advertising inkjet equipment and indoor photo, and can be widely used in the field of indoor home decoration in the future Of the advertising industry can occupy a dominant position... April 22, 2017 The Enterprise Managed Services Division and George Mason University Discuss Managed Print ROI /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3550 Strategic Alliances have become the foundation of Canon Solutions America&rsquo;s Enterprise Managed Services Division (EMSD)&rsquo;s engagements with higher education clients... May 8, 2017 Vinyl Sign Graphics and Low Energy Plastics /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3551 If you&rsquo;re one of the growing number of digital decorators challenged with applying vinyl graphics to dirt bikes, ATVs or coolers, you may have already discovered that standard vinyls don&rsquo;t work too well on these kinds of substrates... May 11, 2017 Food Online Ordering Systems Certifies Epson Latest Addition Smart Printer for Its Restaurant Online Ordering System /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3554 Epson America, Inc., a leading supplier of value-added Point of Sale (POS) solutions, today announced in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA) 2017, that Food Online Ordering Systems, a provider of custom, in-house online ordering solutions for restaurants, has certified Epson&rsquo;s latest product addition... May 11, 2017 Tightrope Carousel Digital Signage Enhances Education at Bloomfield Hills Schools /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3555 Bloomfield Hills Schools in the suburbs north of Detroit has long been a champion of professional AV technology, leveraging digital signage and other systems district-wide to engage students and enhance learning environments... May 30, 2017 PDS Completes Largest Installation in Its History at Imageworks /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3556 Trade printing leader Imageworks (Richmond Hill, Ontario) has installed a Duplo 600i Bookletmaker from Print Digital Solutions (PDS) that also consists of two 10/60i Suction Collating Towers, ... June 9, 2017 Roland DGA Introduces HeatSoft Satin Media for Heat Transfer Applications /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3557 Roland DGA has added new HeatSoft Satin (ESM-HTMS) to its existing line of high quality media. HeatSoft Satin is an inkjet-printable, polyurethane media that images &ldquo;beautifully&rdquo; and is... June 19, 2017 Media Resources Inc. Enters the World of 3D Printing /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3562 Media Resources Inc., an integrated sign services and manufacturing company in Oakville, Ontario has expanded their custom 3D fabrication capabilities adding to their long list of service offerings... June 12, 2017 L-com Releases New HDMI Dongle Adapter Cables /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3563 L-com Global Connectivity has launched a new series of HDMI dongle adapter cables for home theaters, digital signage and other applications... June 20, 2017 OmniCube™ and TrafficJet™ Shine on Colombia's New National Route Markers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3565 Colombia&rsquo;s Ministry of Transport is improving their reference signage on their national road network. For years the agency used a series of small wood and concrete markers offset... June 27, 2017 City of Vaughan to Hold Stakeholder Consultations to Review Sign Bylaw /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3569 City of Vaughan is embarking on a sign bylaw review project with the aim of improving sign regulation in the City... July 7, 2017 Types of Channel Letter Signs: Which is Best for Your Business? /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3570 Channel letters are customizable letters for business signage and brand recognition. This form of signage has set companies apart for many years as it contributes to a company&rsquo;s identity and visibility... July 18, 2017 Why We Like Mutoh Large Format Printers /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3574 Recently, I was corresponding with a prospective customer about Mutoh large format printers, when she responded, &ldquo;We are looking at getting a more well-known brand. Do you sell HP, Mimaki, or Roland?&rdquo;... July 24, 2017 UV Technology Will Become the First Choice for More and More Label Printing Enterprises /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3575 Demand for UV printing is rising all over the world, especially in Europe, the United States and Latin america. According to the European equipment manufacturers are expected: UV models of the annual growth rate will reach 7%, UV drying device in the growth rate of 10%, ... August 27, 2017 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Features Highest Resolution Outdoor Video in Colorado /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3579 "This display is important for providing information and enhancing the fan experience at Red Rocks," said Tad Bowman, venue manager at Red Rocks. "It's a technology that fits in perfectly with the natural beauty of Colorado's most beautiful concert venue."... August 16, 2017 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Features Highest Resolution Outdoor Video in Colorado /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3580 "This display is important for providing information and enhancing the fan experience at Red Rocks," said Tad Bowman, venue manager at Red Rocks. "It's a technology that fits in perfectly with the natural beauty of Colorado's most beautiful concert venue."... August 16, 2017 Vixxo Sign and Lighting Wins Inside Self-Storage “Best of Business” Award /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3582 Vixxo Sign and Lighting, one of the leading signage companies in the country, is excited to announce that it has been named the Best Signage award winner from Inside Self-Storage's (ISS) 2017 Best of Business reader-choice poll... August 28, 2017 Industry Today - Sign of the Times /Newsroom/IndustryNews/IndustryNewsItem.aspx?NewsID=3594 "Gordon Sign is the oldest sign manufacturer in America. David Soyka reports on the full-service sign company's selection as a White House Made in America Showcase honoree and its over 113-year record... October 10, 2017