How to Choose a Sign Company

The on-premise sign industry is very perse with many companies specializing in a wide range of signage types and materials. Additionally, sign companies offer a variety of services to their customers, including design, manufacturing, installation, retrofitting of buildings, securing of permits, and even long-term maintenance agreements.

So many different materials and lighting systems are now available for signs that many sign companies have chosen to specialize. If you want a molded plastic sign, you might choose a different sign company than if you want a carved wood sign. If you want a neon sign, you might not go to the same manufacturer as you would for an electronic message center.

Shopping for a sign company is just like shopping for any other company. Look for signs you like and ask the business owners to tell you who built it for them. Look in a directory such as the Yellow Pages, or check out the various organizations referenced in this booklet.

It is a good idea to comparison shop, look at examples of signs the company has built and decide whether the company is capable of meeting your particular needs. Cost, quality, and follow-up service are obviously important considerations, as well as the variety of other services that may be included. For instance, securing a sign permit can be a challenge to the inexperienced small business owner; an experienced sign builder will handle this process more easily.

The materials used in a sign will greatly impact how long the sign will last and how expensive it will be to maintain. The sign will be exposed to all sorts of weather and temperature extremes. Find out how many years you can expect the sign to serve your business and factor that into your buying decision. If you expect to use your sign for many years, you will want to be sure the sign is constructed from durable materials and that you can afford to keep it in good condition. A dilapidated sign will not do your business any favors.

The important factor is whether the company can provide a quality sign that will satisfy your unique communication needs at a reasonable price you can afford.