Signage Specifiers

Below you will find information particularly helpful for signage specifiers and designers in the sign industry. 


Urban Wayfinding Manual

The Signage Foundation Inc. has developed a comprehensive guide to urban wayfinding from planning to implementation. This valuable resource explains system financing, design, regulatory issues, and implementation. A sample of the first chapter is provided here and you can receive the full manual by emailing Sapna Budev at [email protected].

Airport Wayfinding

Airport wayfinding can be one of the most complicated and important projects for a planner, architect, designer, and sign company. Please click here to view this example of a comprehensive Fort Lauderdale Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan shared with us by the Broward County Aviation Department.


Click here to view Typography, Placemaking and Signs: A Four-Part SFI White Paper Series.

ISA Sustainability Case Study Video

ISA’s Sustainability Committee explored multiple ways to educate the sign industry about how to incorporate sustainable practices into their corporate philosophies, manufacturing processes, products, and life cycle. With so much misinformation out there, ISA opted to show, not tell, using Acorn Sign Graphics as a case study. Sign companies don’t fit the same profile as manufacturers of mass-produced products. By their very nature, they have much smaller environmental footprints than typical, mass-production factories. In general, unless earth-friendly measures are relatively easy and inexpensive, most of our members aren’t going to be able to implement them. This is why we embarked on the search for a member company who had figured out how incorporate a lot of little steps to make a big impact.