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ISA Quarterly Economic Report Shows a Strong Positive Swing and Higher Business Investments

Alexandria, VA - October 4, 2017 -- As the U.S. economy continues to grow, sign, graphics and visual communications companies are on pace to benefit, according to the ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report for the third quarter of 2017. 

The report shows that real gross domestic product (GDP) bounced back, rising at a 2.6 percent annual rate, more than double the 1.2 percent of the first quarter. The expansion was driven by growth in personal consumption, business fixed investment and net exports. The increase in business investment has driven the supply side of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry higher. The end market for digital signage has seen increases as well, thanks in part to increased production of large scale LCD, LED and OLED displays. Architectural signage is expected to dip through the rest of 2017 before enjoying a strong 2018.

The ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report forecasts into 2019. It assesses four segments: two supplier markets (printing and electrical/digital signage) and two end markets (electric/digital signage and architectural signage). It also forecasts commodities. The Sign Industry Economic Report, prepared in September, is sponsored by the National Association of Sign Supply Distributors (NASSD).

The report, compiled by IHS and Vandiver Associates, analyzes each segment of the market upstream and downstream to allow users to stay current with evolving business conditions.

Other highlights:
  • For suppliers of the printing industry, the outlook is positive over the course of the forecast, through 2019, following a down year in 2016.
  • Sales of large-scale public display monitors are seeing massive year-on-year growth, as 50- to 59- inch public display monitors are expected to increase 29.2 percent in 2017, and the larger 70- to 79- inch category is on track for 40.7 percent growth over the same timeframe. Demand for larger displays coincides with an increase in interactivity, analytics and other creative applications.
  • In the end user digital display area, IHS anticipates an even greater number of displays to be converted from static to digital with the introduction of more affordable LED displays for outdoor use.
  • The end market for architectural signage will continue to capitalize on favorable conditions through at least the end of 2018.
Those interested in learning more about the ISA Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report, how 2017 ends and the outlook for 2018-2019, can participate in a free webinar hosted by ISA at 2 p.m. ET October 25. Register at The webinar is free for ISA, ISA Affiliated Association or NASSD members or $100 for non-members. 

The report is free for ISA, ISA Affiliated Association and NASSD members. Non-members may purchase it for $1,000 per forecast. This research can be accessed at

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