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Source: North American Signs
Photo Courtesy of North American Signs

Affiliated Associations

Arizona Sign Association (ASA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Arizona

California Sign Association (CSA)
Roy Flahive, Executive Director
State: California

Colorado Sign Association (CSA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Colorado

Illinois Sign Association (ISA)
Russ Salzman, Executive Director
State: Illinois

Mid-South Sign Association (MSSA)
Karen Warr, Executive Director
States: Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

Midwest Sign Association (MSA)
Dee Scott, Executive Director
States: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

Minnesota Sign Association (MSA)
Interim Management
State: Minnesota

Nevada Sign Association (NSA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Nevada

Northeast States Sign Association (NSSA)
Jean Gavigan, Executive Director
States: Connecticut, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Greater Washington, D.C., Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont

Northwest Sign Council (NWSC)
Patti King, Executive Director
States: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming

Sign Association of Canada (SAC)
Erin Roberts, Chief Staff Officer
Provinces: All provinces and territories within Canada

Southern States Sign Association (SSSA)
Christina Welty, Executive Director
States: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Texas Sign Association (TSA)
Leona Stabler, Executive Director
State: Texas

Tri-State Sign Association (TSSA)
Rex Montgomery, Executive Director
States: Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma

Utah Sign Association (USA)
Patti King, Executive Director
State: Utah

Virginia Sign Association (VASA)
Marie Queen, Executive Director:
State: Virginia

Wisconsin Sign Association (WSA)
Chris Ruditys, Executive Director
State: Wisconsin

Related Associations

Western States Sign Council (WSSC)
Brian Baker, President
States: Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah

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