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Photo Courtesy of Kieffer-Starlite
Photo Courtesy of Kieffer-Starlite

Tips for Keeping Your Employees Working

Low Cost Projects for Employees

These low-cost projects could benefit your company (and reduce the risk of exposure to potential OSHA violations in the future). These are all required of certain employers (including many companies in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry). None require a fee to complete, just the allocation of several hours of staff time. And numbers 2 and 3 don't require mulitiple employees to complete, which is helpful with regard to maintaining social distance.

  1. Employer evaluation of crane operator competency (required since February 2019)
  2. Develop a silica written exposure compliance plan (required since 2017)
  3. OSHA injury reporting and recordkeeping forms 300, 300A, 301

Employee Education

With social distancing and employees working from home, now can be a time to focus on learning and building new skills. ISA has a wide variety of white papers, webinars and online learning courses to help you and your employees expand your knowledge. Your professional development doesn’t have to be put on hold – earn the Sign Industry Professional badge!