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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Crane Operation

ISA has released a new Mobile Crane Operator Evaluation template form. This new member resource is designed to assist in the employer's obligation to evaluate the competency of the crane operator and their ability to work safely.

Many ISA members will recall OSHA’s 2010 implementation of the "Cranes and Derricks In Construction" rule. This rule required updated certifications and improved work practices for cranes used in Construction industries.  Much of the attention placed on complying with this new rule dealt with provisions requiring crane operator "certification" or licensing; these provisions took effect in November 2018.

At about the same time that operator certification requirements were taking effect, OSHA announced that certain interim provisions (temporarily in effect until 2018) would be made permanent.  Employer "evaluation" may be the most significant of these new requirements.

These crane operator evaluations can be performed in house, by a knowledgeable, experienced employee who is qualified to assess others.  Or these evaluations can be performed by a third party.  (Many firms that offer crane certification training or inspections also offer operator evaluation services. Some leading training firms will travel to your shop site and estimate that each employee evaluation can be completed in approx. one hour per employee, if the employee demonstrates adequate knowledge and ability.)

As of February 2019, employers in construction industries must ensure that each operator demonstrates:

  • The skills, knowledge, and judgment necessary to operate the equipment safely, including those specific to the safety devices, operational aids, software, and the size and configuration of the equipment.
  • The ability to perform the hoisting activities required for assigned work, including, if applicable, blind lifts, personnel hoisting, and multi-crane lifts.

This evaluation must be conducted by an individual who has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to assess equipment operators.

Once the evaluation is completed successfully, the employer may allow the operator to operate other equipment that the employer can demonstrate does not require substantially different skills, knowledge, or judgment to operate.

The employer must document the completion of the evaluation. This document must be available at the worksite.

When an employer is required to provide an operator with retraining, the employer must re-evaluate the operator with respect to the subject of the retraining.

Please review this template form that ISA has created for your use.  You can use the form in its current version. Or make it specific to your location, jobsite or equipment so that it best serves your needs. Or you can contact a third-party crane training firm to perform these evaluations.

If you have any questions about the Mobile Crane Operator Evaluation Form or the requirements of the OSHA's crane standard, contact Kenneth Peskin at or 703.778.8096.

Download the Mobile Crane Operator Evaluation Form