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Getting Ready for THE LINK...INSTALL - National

Here are some important tips to help you make the most out of ISA's THE LINK...INSTALL 2021 Digital Experience set for November 3-4 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm ET, including:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for National Sign Companies

Do we need to staff both days?
Yes, you will need at least one staff person for both November 3 - 4 from 11:00 am-1:00 pm ET. You can have different staff people each day, if you choose. Add all working staff during registration. 

How many staff can we have in our virtual "room"?
It's best to limit the number of staff in your company "room" to less than three, but the system allows you to have up to five.

Can my staff be in different locations but join me in our company "room"?
Yes, we've designed the system so you staff can be in different physical locations, but still participate in the event. We understand many are still in remote work situations or would like to include reps from different branch locations.

Can we have additional virtual "rooms?"
Yes, if you'd like we can provide an additional room for your company so you can increase the number of local sign and install companies with whom you are able to meet. You must staff both rooms for both days.  

How long are the appointment meetings?
Meetings are five minutes and will automatically end at the five-minute mark. You will get a one minute warning before the end of the meeting. There is also a one-minute transition between meetings.

How will the appointments work?
At the start of the event, there will be a welcome and an overview of how the system works. Then you will be entered into your "room". You will stay in the same "room" throughout the event, and local sign and install companies will come to you and move from "room" to "room" meeting with national companies. The system automatically progresses each meeting five minutes after it begins, so be prepared to start networking immediately.

Will I get a list of my appointments before the event, so I can prepare for my meeting?
Yes, each main point of contact for a company will receive a schedule and list of companies with whom they are meeting. Expect this list the week of  November 1. It will be beneficial to review and prepare for your meetings so that you can make the most of every minute.

Will I receive information on each local and sign install company?
Yes, you will receive a company profile questionnaire for each local sign and install company. This will allow you to get right into a conversation.


Make sure you are prepared to do business by testing your audio, video, Internet connection, and firewall before your first virtual appointment. There is a test option either in "My Event" and/or within the "Virtual Appointments." It is vital that you test your device before the event.

Video is highly recommended for this event. You'll be in a room with a potential partner so putting a name to a face is an invaluable part of this experience.

Desktop or laptop computers are recommended for this event. Phones and tablets limit your functionality and viewing ability which are necessary to fully experience the interactions designed for this event. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with a compatible browser for the best possible virtual appointment experience, preferably Chrome. Other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Edge) may work, but certain versions do have virtual meeting issues. iPads will work fine, and some Android tablets will not work.

Do Not Use VPN:
Avoid accessing the event over a VPN. Most VPNs will block access to the virtual stream, and some VPNs block access to your camera and microphone.

Supported Browsers:
Chrome is the preferred browser. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave, and Internet Explorer are known to have occasional issues. Safari has an issue with the camera on some devices. You might need to go to your device settings for the browser and device to allow access to the camera and microphone.


Single Window:
While in your meetings, do not open the appointments page in more than one browser window or on multiple devices as it will cause feedback.

You will see the "Virtual Appointments" menu link on the page's left side after you log in to "Appointment Portal." Please log in early and make sure your microphone and camera are working correctly.

Auto Start and End:
From the appointment schedule view, your video stream will automatically start at the beginning of each appointment. It might take up to 30 seconds to launch, depending on your internet speed. When you receive a pop-up warning, "Your next appointment will start automatically in 1 minute," begin wrapping up your current appointment. Your appointment will automatically end, and the next appointment will launch automatically at the correct time. If you accidentally close your video, simply click on the "Start Appointment" button to rejoin the meeting.

Allow Access:
Allow access to your audio and video when prompted.

Sharing Video:
If sharing a video, make sure to click allow audio when sharing your screen.

ISA Contact:
If you have questions or need any help, contact Alicia Auerswald at or 703.801.9293. 

Event Schedule

Time – ET Duration Item
10:45 am   Login
11:00 am 3 min Welcome, Tech Instructions
11:04 am - 12:02 pm 50 min 1-1 Networking Meetings
12:03 pm - 12:07 pm 10 min Break
12:08 pm - 1:00 pm 50 min 1-1 Networking Meetings
1:01 pm - 1:30 pm 30 min Open Networking - Not Required