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ISA Leadership Interest Form

ISA invites you to apply for a position within ISA’s leadership. An industry colleague or ISA staff member has recommended you for consideration. Please note: there are limited positions available each year for service on either the ISA Board of Directors or on one of the three ISA Steering Committees (Affiliate, Direct and Supplier/Distributor).

Board and Steering Committee members are committed to furthering ISA’s vision: To be the leader in shaping and developing the sign, graphics and visual communications community worldwide. For reference, click here to review a “job description” for participating in the ISA leadership.

The primary responsibilities and commitment for participation in each is as follows:

ISA Board of Directors Commitment

Primary Responsibilities
Set and measure the strategic goals of the organization, and to provide stewardship of the association’s resources.

Participation Requirements
Four (4) face-to-face or virtual meetings per year. The dates for the 2022 meetings are:

  • January 25-27, Sea Island, GA

  • May 3, Atlanta, GA

  • July 12-14, Portland, OR

  • October (TBD), Alexandria, VA

Participation on additional committees is optional.

Travel expenses are reimbursed, if requested.

Term Length

Three-year term, for a maximum of two (2) terms.

ISA Steering Committee Commitment

Primary Responsibilities
Serve as advisors to the ISA Board of Directors; and recommend individuals for future leadership positions.

Participation Requirements
One (1) face-to-face or virtual meeting at the annual ISA Leadership Congress. The dates for the 2022 meeting are January 25-27 in Sea Island, GA.

One (1) or two (2) conference calls per year, plus occasional email exchanges.

Travel expenses are reimbursed, if requested.

Term Length

Two-year term, for a maximum of two (2) terms.

To be considered for a leadership position, please complete this form by Wednesday, September 8. If you have any questions, please contact Michel Williams at