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Results from Sign Manufacturing Day 2019

Last Sign MFG Day, almost 3,000 students toured more than 88 companies at sign manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

As a direct result of Sign Manufacturing Day, sign, graphics and visual communications companies have:

  • hired new employees;
  • accepted interns;
  • forged stronger relationships with schools; and
  • created co-op programs.

Sign Manufacturing Day changes perceptions!

100% of students said they learned something new and interesting about the sign industry, for the second year in a row.

86% of students said they would consider a career in the sign industry after the tour, compared to only 23% prior to Sign Manufacturing Day.

100% of students found the tours interesting and engaging.

100% of students learned new information about new careers.

Most Participating Companies Plan to Host another Tour

100% of companies are likely to host a tour again.

100% found value in participating in Sign Manufacturing Day.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Sign Manufacturing Day 2021 a huge success! The success of Sign Manufacturing Day is a giant step towards inspiring the next generation of sign professionals.