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NASSD Online Learning and Digital Badge

Developing and educating your employees has never been more important. Not only does it make good business sense, but has tangible effects such as building loyalty, increasing engagement and developing employees so they are ready for promotion. NASSD's online education helps your employees improve their skills, learn new ones and build the knowledge they need to perform their job.

Earn a Digital Badge

NASSD members can now earn the "NASSD Core Skills" badge, which shows comprehensive learning and an understanding of the broad skills needed within the sign, graphics and visual communications industry! Digital badges are a portable, verifiable and secure way to showcase the skills and competencies. Upon completion of all six (6) courses listed below, the employee will receive a digital certificate showing their proficiency to share on their resume and social profiles.

Nassd Core Skills Badge


These courses have been identified as the most relevant for NASSD member employees and are included in the NASSD company package:

Get Started with the NASSD Company Package Today!

NASSD's online learning company package provides on-demand access to the best training and education in the industry. Please choose the appropriate link below to sign up for the NASSD Online Learning Company Subscription Package:

NASSD Member Pricing

Number of Employees Enrolled:
Up to 5 employees - $250
6 to 20 employees - $500
21 to 50 employees - $1,000

Non-Member Pricing

Number of Employees Enrolled:
Up to 5 employees - $500
6 to 20 employees - $1,000
21 to 50 employees - $2,000

NASSD Online Learning Company Subscription Package will expire one (1) year after the date of activation.

Looking to add additional people to your existing NASSD Online Learning Company Subscription? Click here to complete the form for new users.

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