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Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris
Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris

Working with Chambers for Better Sign Codes

Posted: 08/09/2018

Local chambers of commerce can play a critical role in helping to develop business-friendly sign regulations.

Des Moines Digital Wayfinding

That's why ISA recently exhibited at the annual Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Over 1,000 chamber of commerce executives were in attendance, and many stopped by ISAs booth to learn more about how reasonable sign regulations can benefit their members and promote economic development.

ISA's David Hickey, vice president of advocacy, was on site to offer expert sign code advice and resources that chamber officials were able to take back home. ISA found new opportunities to make a difference, meeting several chambers in cities that are currently revising their sign regulations.  

The sign industry, small businesses and communities will benefit from more chambers of commerce recognizing recognize that improvements to their local sign regulations will help their members.

If your local chamber of commerce needs assistance understanding why they need to get involved to enact reasonable sign regulations, contact ISA's David Hickey or share ISA’s chamber-specific page: