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Photo Courtesy of Kieffer-Starlite
Photo Courtesy of Kieffer-Starlite

Reviving Your Business

Many sign, graphics and visual communications companies are providing signage to "life-sustaining businesses," including health care facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, automotive parts, etc. The importance of signage that provides directions, information, warnings, and other visual communications is more urgent than ever, and sign, graphics and visual companies need to stay open to meet this critical and ever-expanding need.

Sign Code and Permitting Issues

If you are experiencing any sign code or permitting issues, ISA continues to provide expert assistance for our members. We will provide complimentary support and advocate sign code and or permitting issues on your behalf. Contact David Hickey or James Carpentier.


Manufacturers of all sizes and industry are the targets of cyberattacks. Mark Sangster, eSentire, explores real-world incidents and threats to assemble simple cyber defenses to protect against most attacks and protect your remote workers. (ISA Webinar Recording and resources - June 17, 2020)