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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Human Resources/Workforce Recorded Webinars

Returning to Work: Your HR Questions Answered As states and economies are reopening employers are facing new HR challenges – bringing employees back from furlough; handling unprecedented childcare demands; requiring PPE equipment and allowing virtual work – just to name a few. On today's webinar, join experts from Human Resources Inc. for an in-depth Q+A discussion to address the new issues companies face as they reopen and employees return to work. | Speakers: Timothy Schaffer, President, HRi; Cara Nicholson, HR Specialist, HRi; Holly Wilson, HR Specialist, HRi | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

The CARES Act and What it Means For Your Business The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act allocated $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed amid the pandemic and economic downturn. Known as the Paycheck Protection Program, the initiative provides 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses. Hear from an expert from the U.S. Chamber as he provides a summary of the legislation and answers Q+A. | Speakers: U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What You Need To Know The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) takes effect on April 1, 2020 and provides for two sources of paid leave for employees in response to the coronavirus epidemic. Learn what you need to know and how the FFCRA could impact your business operations. | Speakers: Compass Business Solutions, Inc. | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Top 6 Tips for Recruiting and Hiring Great Employees Finding and attracting the best talent is key to building a successful business. We'll explore the top 6 tips to help you optimize your hiring process. Learn the basics of what you need to do before starting the hiring process and the most effective ways to attract top talent. | Speakers: Tabitha Bowen, All-Right Sign; Alison Kent, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Get Involved in Sign MFG Day! Finding qualified workers is one of the biggest challenges facing the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. Learn how Sign Manufacturing Day is helping to solve this issue by engaging students and teachers and showing them the exciting career opportunities that exist within the industry. Gain resources and tools you need to plan and host a Sign MFG Day event as well as hear from past Sign MFG Day participants who share their experience and provide tips for a successful event. | Speakers: Alison Kent, ISA, and past Sign MFG Day participants | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Protect Your Business from the Latest Government Intrusion – How the NLRB is Impacting How You Manage Your Workforce! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is making decisions that impact how you manage your workforce. Their most recent decision greatly expands the definition of joint employment and may impact any employer who regularly uses or provides temporary workers or subcontractors. Other changes have more direct significance to routine issues like confidentiality, investigations, at-will employment, and handbooks. This seminar will provide the knowledge you need to understand how the environment is changing and the practical tools to protect your company.  | Speaker: Bryance Metheny, Partner, Burr | Price: $0.00 (member), $15.00 (non-member)

Harassment & Discrimination

Training Your Organization to Prevent Harassment Within an organization, it is essential that leaders and individuals take ownership of keeping the work environment free from harassing or discriminating behavior. Following the EEOC task force guidelines, learn how to create and emphasize a culture that encourages bystander intervention. This best practice-driven session includes real tips and strategies to empower all employees to stop and address harassing behaviors. It will also delve deeper into some of the hidden sources of harassment and discrimination such as implicit bias, discriminatory policies, and ineffective leadership behaviors. | Speaker: Kelly Radomski, Compass Business Solutions | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Developing an Internal No Harassment Policy In response to the #metoo movement and statistics around workplace lawsuits, organizations today are responsible for establishing a healthy, safe work environment free from harassment and discrimination. This can be difficult in an industry with such diversity of employees, work environments, and locations. Learn how to set a solid foundation of internal policies to ensure accountability. Sample language for policies will be reviewed and you will leave with a plan for how to establish and communicate a plan that sets your work environment up to be a no harassment zone. | Speakers: Kelly Radomski, Compass Business Solutions; Jennifer Russell, Compass Business Solutions Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Defining Harassment and Discrimination The presence of harassment or discrimination in the workplace can forever change the culture and success of an organization. Join us to define what constitutes these behaviors in the workplace and how to identify it when you see it. Learn how these unacceptable behaviors impact your organization and the importance of training and empowering all employees to respond quickly. | Speakers: Kelly Radomski, Vice President-Client Solutions, Compass Business Solutions, Inc. | Moira Singer, Vice President-Clients Solutions, Compass Business Solutions, Inc. Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention – Building a Better Workplace In order to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace where employees are supported to be their best, it must be free from harassment and discrimination. Discrimination and harassment pose significant risks to companies and employees, including those in management roles. This webinar will help you gain a better understanding of what constitutes discrimination and harassment, the applicable laws and how to establish appropriate policies and processes. | Speaker: Kelly Radomski, Compass Business Solutions, Inc. | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Drugs in the Workplace

Drugs in the Workplace: What Companies Need to Know Now that marijuana is being dispensed, are you asking how you should handle questioning employees or future employees about their use of medical marijuana and other prescription drugs? Are you wondering what policies and procedures you need to have in place or if changes need to be made to your company’s drug testing procedures? How to handle drugs in the workplace is a topic that causes great anxiety to employers. Learn what the law says to employers, identify how this may be at odds with your current policies and procedures, and learn how to develop new policies and procedures. | Speakers: Moira Singer, Compass Business Solutions, Inc.; James Southworth, Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Pot on the Job: Navigating Medical Marijuana in the Workplace Medical Marijuana in the Workplace is a topic that causes great unease to employers. It is topic that challenges current best-practices for recruitment, state disability law compliance and implementation of fitness-for-work policies. This webinar will inform you about what the law says to employers, help you identify how this may be at odds with current policies and procedures, and assist in the development of new policies and procedures. | Speakers: James W. Southworth, Esquire (Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, P.C.) and Moira A. Singer (Compass Business Solutions, Inc.) | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

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