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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Marketing, Communications and Business Development Recorded Webinars

Selling in a Recession While the government and media decide if we are in a recession, let’s talk about how to sell in what is most certainly an uncertain environment. This webinar gives you a better understanding of the current business climate and gives you a path to navigate. You will learn: How to deal with a fearful customer; The best sales and marketing approach to use; Tips and best case practices from those who found success in the last recession. | Speaker: Bill Farquharson , Aspire For | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

What Does a Possible Recession Mean for Your Business? Conflicting economic developments and a looming downturn, along with skyrocketing inflation and continuing supply chain woes, have led to an uncertain business environment. Join this presentation to learn from national and industry experts about the current state of the economy, the probability of recession, and what that means for the sign & graphics industry. Participants will learn ways to prepare for a potential recession and what to look forward to after this turbulent period. | Speaker: Curtis Dubay, Senior Economist, US Chamber of Commerce | and David Hickey, Vice President, Advocacy, International Sign Association | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Top Apps for Sales People Seems like there are apps for everything. Increase productivity. Reduce road time. Get organized. Apps simplify, assess, and shorten. They save, connect, correct, and align. For sales people trying to squeeze the clock for every drop of efficiency, apps are essential. In this session, Bill Farquharson will run you through the most valuable, most essential, and (often) free apps for sales people in areas like Productivity, Communication, Task/Project Management, and Lead-Gen. | Speaker: Bill Farquharson, Aspire For | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Tips and Tricks to Working and Selling From Home Lucky you. You get to work from home! And if it weren't for the dog barking, kids being kids, procrastination, and constant interruptions, you'd love it! In theory, being home-based is a great idea and can offer some wonderful lifestyle-enhancing options. But in reality, what it takes to succeed requires skills you don’t have because, well, you've never needed them before. This webinar features tips, tricks, and lessons from someone who has sold from home since 1982. Bill Farquharson has sold millions of dollars in signage, labels, print, forms, and promotional products, wrote three books, and managed it all from his basement, spare bedroom, on the road, and even while riding his motorcycle cross country all the while raising a family. Given the current state of business, you need to know what he knows about remote work. You will learn: • How to set yourself up for sales success; • The simple rules of achieving work/life balance; • How to tap into technology’s benefits to create a professional atmosphere; • The one factor that makes a work-from-home plan work; • How to manage orders, your boss, and your customers all while wearing pajamas and slippers (not that you would…but you could!) | Speaker: Bill Farquharson, Aspire For | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Overcoming Disruptions in the Sign & Graphics Industry Supply Chain Virtually every sector of our economy is experiencing supply chain vulnerabilities and inflationary pressures, and the sign and graphics industry is no exception. Whether its waiting for components to get unloaded at our ports or scrambling after goods at home that are skyrocketing in cost, the result is increased prices and lead times for items that are needed to get projects done. Join industry experts for a panel discussion on the economic, procurement and sourcing hurdles we all face, including how industry players are finding diligent and creative ways to handle these disruptions, as well as a look toward future challenges and opportunities. | Speakers: Davey Glantz, Glantz; Brandon Smith, GSG; Mike Lev, Harbinger; Manish Jaisinghani, Principle Global; Bradley Stoots, Grant Thornton LLP; David Hickey, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Arbitration Clauses: Why They Matter and How to Get Them Right Every contract should include a dispute resolution clause, such as an arbitration clause, and this is particularly important for cross-border contracts. A well-crafted arbitration clause can save significant time and money in the event of a dispute. This seminar is geared to business owners and executives who regularly or periodically negotiate cross-border contracts, including with Chinese or other Asia-Pacific counterparties, although it will be useful to business owners handling domestic contracts as well. This seminar covers (1) the basics of dispute resolution options, particularly for cross-border disputes, (2) tips for crafting an ironclad arbitration clause, and (3) considerations for effective judgment enforcement. | Speaker: Katie Burghardt Kramer, DGW Kramer LLP | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Top Trends in Digital Marketing We're living in a digital world, and digital marketing is not only cost-efficient, but also very effective when done in combination with a larger strategic plan. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to learn top trends in digital marketing you should ensure are incorporated into your marketing mix. | Speaker: Alicia Auerswald, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

The 2020 U.S. Elections: What They Mean for the Signs & Graphics Industry The outcome of the recent Presidential and Congressional elections will have a profound impact on policies and priorities that impact the economy and the sign & graphics industry. Join this webinar to hear from David Hickey, Vice President of Advocacy, as he explores the implications and discusses how the outcomes will drive policy changes in 2021 and beyond. Learn how you can prepare your company for what lies ahead. | Speaker: David Hickey, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Thinking Outside the Store: Signage in a Contactless Environment As curbside and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) have become common place amid the pandemic, customers no longer have to enter a store to experience its brand. This means it’s now more important than ever for retailers to consider the CX journey beyond the front door, and how signage plays a role in it. Ron Lutz, chief retail officer at retail strategist Miller Zell, will discuss how retail leaders can leverage store design principles and strategic signage to ensure that the customer’s experience is maintained even outside of the store. | Speaker: Ron Lutz, Chief Retail Officer, Miller Zell | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

How to Have Record Sales in 2021 Great sales years are not an accident. Sure, you might stumble across a big account or land an unexpected client, but as any successful sales rep will tell you, the factors that make up that success are rooted in preparation AND are 100% in your control. The craziest year anyone can remember is coming to a close…thankfully. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for 2021. This webinar asks you to look and think ahead. What actions do you need to take right now in order to set yourself up for sales success? When you come rocketing out of the gates in January, have the best Q1 your company has ever had, stay busy throughout the summer, and end the year with record sales, you will look back to this information as where it all started. Join this webinar and leaving knowing: • How to create a plan for overall sales growth; • How to hyper-focus your sales time and energy; • How to adapt to new sales challenges; • How to set yourself for success and, ultimately… • How to have record sales in 2021 | Speaker: Bill Farquharson, Aspire For | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Time Management and the Challenges of Selling From Home For some, the new reality of selling from home is old hat. They've been at it for years, so the changes caused by COVID-19 are minimal. For others, terror has set in as the playbook has altered every aspect of their work life and eliminated the boundaries with their personal life. The common denominator between the two groups is maximizing sales efficiency. Regardless of whether you have been selling from a home office for years or merely weeks, this webinar is for you. Bill Farquharson started selling from home in June of 1982. In the nearly 4 decades since, he has managed to learn a thing or two about how to successfully balance work and personal while staying motivated, organized, and sane. In this fast-paced and highly informative webinar, Bill shares his tips and details 5 steps to follow. Gain instantly-applicable ideas to increase your sales without increasing the length of your work week. | Speakers: Bill Farquharson, Aspire For | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Use the Latest Government Data to Grow Your Business Post COVID-19 Looking to gain a better understanding of our industry and your customers in the post-pandemic environment? The U.S. Census Bureau has responded to these unprecedented times by tracking the latest demographic trends and economic numbers, and providing new and updated tools to allow you to find real-time data to help you enhance your business plan for the immediate future. Join Economist Andrew Hait from the U.S. Census Bureau as he provides the latest demographic, regional and economic trends as well as critical information relevant to our industry, including key sectors of the retail economy. | Speakers: Andrew Hait, U.S. Census Bureau | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

The Outlook for the US Economy and Manufacturing Sector: Implications for the Sign, Graphics and Visual Communications Industry COVID-19 has brought many disruptions and changes to the U.S. economy. Join ISA and chief economists from the manufacturing and construction industries to better understand the financial impact of COVID-19, the anticipated recovery issues and economic expectations for the remainder of 2020 and 2021 and possible opportunities for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. | Speakers: Cliff Waldman, CEO, New World Economics, and Ken Simonson, Chief Economist, Associated General Contractors | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

10 Sales Actions to Take Right Now…and 1 Easy Sales Plan to Engage Immediately! There is an old adage that states, "Sales solves a lot of problems!” Right now, you need sales, right? Well, so will your client base once the world starts spinning again. Solve their problem and you will solve your own. In this fast-paced and highly informative webinar learn how to allocate the best use of your sales time right now and build a solid plan for driving sales momentum immediately. | Speaker: Bill Farquharson, Aspire For | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Stabilizing Your Business & Funding Sources Even with the pandemic and economic conditions, there are opportunities in our industry for growth and future success. Get ready for the change that’s coming! Greg Crabtree, author of Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits will be sharing his insights on crisis management along with scenario planning prescriptions to help guide your sign business out of any crisis. | Speaker: Greg Crabtree, Carr, Riggs & Ingram | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

How to Network Virtually Networking is a large part of your business growth strategy. When you have to take a pause from how you normally do business with your customers, what do you do? Learn how to maintain important connections right from your office chair. Attendees will: (1) learn how to develop a virtual networking strategy; (2) understand the importance of staying in touch with clients and contacts; (3) identify how to use social media in a way that will get you noticed; (4) have the ability to use different tools, such as video conferencing; and (5) learn the questions to ask for effective virtual networking. | Speaker: Matt Ward, Breakthrough Champion | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

WLI Presents: Introduction to Mindfulness for Performance Taught by a former corporate leader, this interactive webinar introduces corporate based mindfulness training through science, anecdotes, and exercises. Learn new tools to support yourself through rapid change, massive distractions and hyper-focused growth. Participants will gain an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can drive results, how the brain works, actionable techniques for incorporating mindfulness to increase performance and wellbeing and a 10-minute practice that ‘anyone can do’. | Speaker: Alexis Pokorny, Open Deltas | Price: $15.00 (member); $25.00 (non-member)

WLI Presents: I'm Communicating...Are You Listening?  In order to survive and thrive in the 21st century workplace, we all need to master the fundamentals of communication. Our ability to communicate effectively is directly linked to our success in meeting the needs of employers, colleagues, customers and clients. This webinar will focus on the core skills needed to communicate with clarity including active listening strategies; understanding the diverse communication styles; acknowledging non-verbal communications; and learning how to respond to internal expectations on types of communication. | Speaker: Kelly Radomski, Compass Resources, Inc. Price: $15.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Use Government Data to Grow Your Business The U.S. government generates a wealth of data. Learn how you can use this information to grow your business and better understand your customers as well as the business landscape of your marketplace. Join staff from the U.S. Census Bureau as they provide the latest demographic, regional and economic trends as well as discuss critical information relevant to the industry including key sectors of the retail economy. | Speaker: Andrew Hait, U.S. Census Bureau | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Social Media & Marketing: Building Customer Loyalty Promoting your business in today’s digital environment is not an easy task. Incorporating social media elements into your existing marketing efforts can boost awareness about your company and build loyalty among your existing customers. Learn key takeaways that will help you build your brand across multiple marketing platforms, attract new customers, and recognize and promote loyalty among existing clients. | Speakers: Sara Spangler and Alicia Auerswald, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

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