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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Marketing, Communications and Business Development Recorded Webinars

How to Network Virtually Networking is a large part of your business growth strategy. When you have to take a pause from how you normally do business with your customers, what do you do? Learn how to maintain important connections right from your office chair. Attendees will: (1) learn how to develop a virtual networking strategy; (2) understand the importance of staying in touch with clients and contacts; (3) identify how to use social media in a way that will get you noticed; (4) have the ability to use different tools, such as video conferencing; and (5) learn the questions to ask for effective virtual networking. | Speaker: Matt Ward, Breakthrough Champion | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

WLI Presents: Introduction to Mindfulness for Performance Taught by a former corporate leader, this interactive webinar introduces corporate based mindfulness training through science, anecdotes, and exercises. Learn new tools to support yourself through rapid change, massive distractions and hyper-focused growth. Participants will gain an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can drive results, how the brain works, actionable techniques for incorporating mindfulness to increase performance and wellbeing and a 10-minute practice that ‘anyone can do’. | Speaker: Alexis Pokorny, Open Deltas | Price: $15.00 (member); $25.00 (non-member)

Maximize Your Time at ISA Sign Expo 2020 With only three days a year to connect face-to-face with key partners join this free webinar to hear what’s new and exciting and gain tips for how to maximize your overall experience at the 2020 show. | Speakers: Alicia Auerswald, ISA and Alison Kent, ISA | Price: $0.00 for all

WLI Presents: I'm Communicating...Are You Listening?  In order to survive and thrive in the 21st century workplace, we all need to master the fundamentals of communication. Our ability to communicate effectively is directly linked to our success in meeting the needs of employers, colleagues, customers and clients. This webinar will focus on the core skills needed to communicate with clarity including active listening strategies; understanding the diverse communication styles; acknowledging non-verbal communications; and learning how to respond to internal expectations on types of communication. | Speaker: Kelly Radomski, Compass Resources, Inc. Price: $15.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Use Government Data to Grow Your Business The U.S. government generates a wealth of data. Learn how you can use this information to grow your business and better understand your customers as well as the business landscape of your marketplace. Join staff from the U.S. Census Bureau as they provide the latest demographic, regional and economic trends as well as discuss critical information relevant to the industry including key sectors of the retail economy. | Speaker: Andrew Hait, U.S. Census Bureau | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Social Media & Marketing: Building Customer Loyalty Promoting your business in today’s digital environment is not an easy task. Incorporating social media elements into your existing marketing efforts can boost awareness about your company and build loyalty among your existing customers. Learn key takeaways that will help you build your brand across multiple marketing platforms, attract new customers, and recognize and promote loyalty among existing clients. | Speakers: Sara Spangler and Alicia Auerswald, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

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