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Niche Buying Events

Niche buying events will connect sign and graphic companies with the latest products based on specific product areas, like channel letters, digital signage, and more. Participants can experience the latest products, see them demonstrated and ask questions of vendors, all to help them find the right products to grow their businesses.

Up Next...

ISA's THE LINK presents… EMC's, LCD's and Digital Signage – a niche event designed to connect current and potential users of digital signage to the resources needed to be successful in this segment of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.  Taking place, July 27-28, 2021, attendees will be connected with experts from manufacturers and suppliers as well as ISA's advocacy team to help navigate some of the more challenging regulations around digital signage.  

Just Missed...

In 2020, ISA kicked off this event series with THE LINK...Soft Signage - Virtual. This event offered an opportunity to experience the ins and outs of soft signage and explore ways you can increase profit by entering this space or capitalizing on existing equipment and efficiencies. Printers, fabricators, suppliers and distributors shared their insights, tips and resources. From how to get started in soft signage to the best tools in finishing and installation, ISA's THE LINK…Soft Signage - Virtual was a huge success! Title sponsor, Canon Solutions America's John Ingraham shared: "It was one of the most interactive and engaging events of this year."