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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

EMC Benefits

Why do Businesses Want EMCs?

Businesses want EMCs for a number of reasons: they are innovative and modern, are proven to increase sales and awareness, and they offer the ability to offer multiple messages easily.

However, many communities may significantly restrict these kinds of signs, by limiting their size, their hold time and their capabilities. Often these restrictions are justified by citing aesthetics or safety concerns.

But when electronic message centers are permitted, installed and operated using industry recommendations and within community standards,  the concerns of local officials can be  overcome so that businesses, churches and civic organizations can use EMCs to communicate with the community.

Saying Yes to (Effective Regulation of) EMCs

If you need to educate local officials about how to reasonably regulate EMCs, give them ISA's Finding Common Ground. This resource provides the latest information on how to properly and effectively regulate EMCs so that communities and businesses can benefit.