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Strategic Insights

The last decade in particular has been disruptive. Little more than 10 years ago, the first iPhone was introduced, putting tiny computers into everyone’s pockets. That was before Uber and Airbnb changed the way we travel. Before Instagram and Snapchat changed how we keep in touch.

The sign, graphics and visual communications industry has had its own disruptions: bigger displays, faster printers, more reliable inks and LEDs.

So, what’s next? ISA will explore products and ideas that are on the cusp — and may bring significant change to our industry — in a series of ISA Strategic Insights to be released this fall and into 2019.

Topics will look at materials that make for smarter, more interactive displays; techniques that make for leaner operations through AI, automation and robotics; and new ways consumers view signs, which could forever alter our industry and the way you do business.

Two papers are now available. They can be downloaded electronically for $24.95 to ISA members and Affiliated Association members and $99.95 for nonmembers.

Nanomaterials: Giant Changes Coming from the Tiniest of Materials

Nanomaterials are so small that they can't be seen by the naked eye. Though not fully understood, the promise is great. Here's how these tiny particles could drive massive changes in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry.

Download Nanomaterials


Extended Reality: Expanding the Definition of Sign Interaction

In the world of signs, graphics and visual communications, possibilities expand to include elements that move, respond and react when a person looks toward them. Static signs come to life with added layers of information seen through smartphones, car windshields and the like.

Download Extended Reality


5G in Signage Technology

5G could enable a wide range of technologies impacting the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. This paper describes those technologies that make 5G a reality to help determine the real-world viability of 5G for changing mobile communications.

Download 5G in Signage Technology