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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Codes & Regulations Recorded Webinars

Supreme Decision: What the Austin v. Reagan Case Means for Our Industry The recent Austin v. Reagan decision from the U.S. Supreme Court affects communities across the country and the way that sign companies can do business. Join this presentation to find out what the ruling means for sign regulations and your business model. Participants will also learn of other legal issues affecting the sign industry. | Speakers: David Hickey, Vice President, Advocacy, International Sign Association, and Kenny Peskin, Director, Industry Affairs, International Sign Association | Price: $0.00 (member); $35.00 (non-member)

COVID-19 Safety in the Sign & Graphics Workplace: What’s Next? The US Supreme Court recently stopped the OSHA vaccination mandate for larger businesses, but there are still many federal and state government regulations regarding COVID-19 safety that can affect your sign & graphics company, no matter how many employees you have. Attendees will learn about OSHA’s options in the aftermath of the SCOTUS decision, how other ongoing federal courts cases affect employee safety (including vaccination mandate), what state and local requirements there are for COVID-19 safety in the workplace, and what some end user customers are requiring from their sign & graphics companies. | Speakers: David Hickey, ISA and Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Supreme Court Decision for Sign Companies: What Does It Mean for Your Business? The Supreme Court of the United States recently heard arguments for a case which could change the way that signs are regulated and impact your sign company’s bottom line. Learn about the challenges and opportunities that may face your sign company as a result of these latest legal developments, from leading sign industry attorneys. | Speakers: David Hickey, ISA; Nicole Bergstrom, SmithCraft Custom Architectural Signs; Michael Wardle, YESCO | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Operating Your Aerial Equipment Safely and Avoiding Costly Penalties This session focuses on key OSHA requirements including employer responsibility to provide safe workplace (qualified training on equipment, employee evaluation, operator certification), how cranes & aerial equipment can be designed or configured to promote safe operation and compliance with OSHA requirements, and reviews training options and in-house best practices to ensure ongoing compliance. | Speakers: Alan Calta, Elliott Equipment; Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

What Your Sign & Graphics Company Can Expect with Taxes Under the Biden Administration What do the new administration and the new Congress mean for your business when it comes to taxes? President Biden promised specific reforms during the campaign that could specifically impact businesses structured as S-Corps and C-Corps, which make up most of the sign & graphics industry. In addition, the tax implications of PPP loans, taking advantage of the Employee Tax Retention Credit, and other tax provisions in the latest stimulus could affect your bottom line. Get the political prospects from ISAs David Hickey to see what’s ahead and learn the business implications from attorneys Allen Sullivan and Christian Borek from the law firm of Burr & Forman LLP to better help your company prepare. | Speakers: Allen Sullivan and Christian Borek, Burr & Forman LLP, David Hickey, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

The Biden Administration’s Approach to the Employee-Employer Relationship: What Does It Mean for the Sign & Graphics Industry? Are you ready for significant changes in how you run your business? One of President Biden’s first executive orders included a freeze on a recently revised Department of Labor rule that would have made it easier for businesses to classify certain workers as “independent contractors.” In its place, Biden intends to establish a broad federal standard for independent contractor classification modeled on the more restrictive “ABC test” for all labor, employment, and tax laws. What do these efforts mean for the sign and graphics industry, especially when it comes to legal relationships with installers, designers and franchisees? Join Bryance Metheny with the Burr & Forman law firm as he details what sign and graphics companies can expect from the Biden administration and the changing nature of the employee-employer relationship, especially when it comes to independent contractors and joint employment, and how you can position your business to succeed in the new environment. | Speaker: Bryance Metheny, Partner, Burr & Forman LLP | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Understanding EMCs: Mastering the Technical & Regulatory Challenges of Digital Signage Sponsored by Daktronics Most sign companies have years of experience selling, permitting, and installing electronic message centers. But your EMC project might not be complete when the sign is turned over to your customer. Learn from ISA's experts all about key technical issues that could limit your ability to keep your customers satisfied and in compliance with municipal, state and federal regulations and permitting requirements. | Speakers: Ron Koerner, Product Manager, Daktronics; Brett Wendler, VP of Design and Development, Daktronics; Jason Boeve, Electrical Design/Regulatory Compliance, Daktronics; Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

OSHA's Recordkeeping Requirements: Are you in Compliance? Under OSHA's recordkeeping regulation, covered employers are required to prepare and maintain logs for work-related occupational injuries and illnesses as well fatalities, using the OSHA 300 log. In addition, on February 1 of each year, all covered employers must post their 300A summaries for three (3) months. This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, OSHA has issued evolving guidance with new recordkeeping and reporting obligations. Many employers think their OSHA recordkeeping logs and procedures are fully compliant, only to learn after an OSHA inspection and, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, that they were not. With OSHA's expanded view of recordkeeping, particularly applicable to the use of temporary employees, every employer who is inspected by OSHA can anticipate that the inspector will review all their 300 logs for the past five years as part of any inspection. This 90 minute webinar will: 1. Examine the many recordkeeping pitfalls that employers face, especially those with multiple locations and those using temporary employees; 2. Cover how to coordinate your injury and illness recordkeeping with other recordkeeping requirements and how employers can effectively use recordkeeping to improve their current safety and health management program; and 3. Explain the new recordkeeping and reporting obligations as a result of COVID-19. | Speaker: Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Attorney at Law, Fisher & Phillips LLP | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

How Communities Can Encourage Iconic and Creative Signs Does your community facilitate the design of iconic and creative signs? Have artistic signs in your city ever gone viral? This webinar will focus on creative signs and policy tools that local officials can use to assist in the creation of visual communications that contain the elements of outstanding design, while promoting aesthetics, economic development and your community’s brand. Join this webinar to gain a better understanding of how communities can encourage creative sign design through zoning practices and local partnerships. | Speakers: Dan Bursick, AICP of City of Tucson AZ, James Carpentier, AICP of International Sign Association, Linda Edwards, AICP of Town of Gilbert, AZ and Eric F. Garcia of EG Structural and ON Advertising Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Ready for the Onslaught – How to Handle OSHA Inspections Post-Pandemic Since the start of the pandemic, OSHA has been severely restricted in conducting worksite inspections. As federal and state OSHA resumes full operations they will be focused on conducting a significant number of inspections. As a result, OSHA will be more aggressive about inspections and enforcement. The number of Federal OSHA inspections resulting in penalties in excess of $100,000 most likely will dramatically increase. Join this webinar to gain an understanding of the inspection process with an emphasis on post-pandemic OSHA inspections including a step-by-step discussion of the legal and practical process implicated when OSHA arrives for an inspection, how to define the scope of the inspection and how to effectively assert your legal rights. Learn strategies for handling different types of OSHA inspections in order to avoid a large number of citations and penalties and gain helpful tips on handling OSHA informal complaints so they do not result in an onsite inspection as well as essential tips for what every manager should do while the inspection is being conducted and afterward to help achieve the best possible outcome. | Speaker: Edwin Foulke, Jr.; Partner, Fisher Phillips LLP |  Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Learning From the Regulators: Where Do UL, Local Inspectors and OSHA Find the Greatest Number of Issues in the Sign Industry? Join ISA for an overview of the key safety violations that are most common in the sign industry. Participants will examine the most common issues and learn about available resources, training, and educational materials that can help educate your workforce and correct the deficiencies that can cost your company in terms of production delays and citation penalties. | Speaker: Kenny Peskin, ISA Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

The New DOL Overtime Rule: What You Need to Know The Department of Labor’s Final Rule updating the overtime exemptions goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Under the new rule employers will be required to pay overtime to any salaried employee earning a salary below $684 per week ($35,568 annualized). Learn the key provisions of the new rule; what you need to know; practical tips and how to get your business ready to be compliant. | Speaker: Bryance Metheny, Burr & Forman LLP |  Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Does Your Digital Sign Meet FCC Requirements? Are your customers at risk for fines from the federal government? If you purchase, sell or install digital signs you may be surprised to learn you’re subject to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations regarding radio transmissions. Companies that do not understand these rules can face fines, have imports blocked, or face lengthy investigations. Hear from FCC officials and specialized FCC lawyers to learn how to ensure you and your customers stay out of trouble. Specific topics include testing, marketing, labeling, importation, use restrictions, record keeping — and what to do if the FCC enforcement Bureau sends you a Letter of Inquiry. | Speakers: Leslie Barnes, FCC Enforcement Bureau; Rashmi Doshi, FCC Office of Engineering and Technology; Paul Margie, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP; Rob Carter, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP; and Jason Neal, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP | Price: $0.00 (members only)

Protect Your Business: Why You Need Key Person Insurance Ever wonder what would happen to your business if something happened to you or a key employee? Key person insurance can help protect your company and is a critically important part of business continuity planning. Interestingly, it is often the most overlooked type of business insurance. Learn why key person insurance is so important, the reasons your business should consider it and the questions to ask. | Speaker: Paul J. Phelan, CFP®, Practice Leader and Principal, Early, Cassidy & Schilling, LLC | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Sign Code Town Hall 2018 The sign, graphics and visual communications industry faces burdensome regulations from all levels of government, many of which cause confusion and frustration among sign shop employees. To help guide you through some of the more common sign code issues and misunderstandings hear from sign industry professional as they discuss these topics. | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Understanding the New Tax Law & How it Impacts Your Business The new $1.5 trillion tax law represents the biggest change to the tax code in a generation, and there are opportunities and challenges for the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. Certain tax rates have changed, existing deductions and other provisions have been eliminated, and some tax benefits have been enhanced and created. Learn what this means for you and your sign, graphics and visual communications business. | Speakers: David Lieberman from Webster, Chamberlain & Bean and David Hickey, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

OSHA Regulations

Don’t Fall Behind! How to Comply with OSHA’s Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection Standards Falls are the most common cause of serious workplace injuries. In an effort to better protect employees from slips, trips and falls and reduce hazards and injuries in the workplace or on the job OSHA has updated their standards for Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection to align general industry and construction. Like all federal regulations, there are potential penalties for non-compliance. Join ISA’s Kenny Peskin and OSHA staff to learn about the standards, how they can affect your business and how to get into compliance. | Speakers: Kenny Peskin, ISA; OSHA staff | Price: $0.00 (members only)

OSHA Silica Regulations Impact Sign Companies OSHA’s new silica standard for silica dust expose went into effect on September 23, 2017. Like all federal regulations, there are potential penalties for non-compliance. With this rule, there are new standards for sign contractors who engage in activities that create silica dust such as by cutting, grinding or blasting materials like concrete, stone and brick. This stricter standard for employers is intended to prevent how much of that harmful dust workers inhale. Join ISA’s Kenny Peskin and OSHA staff to learn about the new standards, how they can impact your business, the new rules you will need to put in place and how to get into compliance. | Price: $0.00 (members only)

OSHA Crane Operator Certification

Crane Operator Evaluations - Explaining the New Employer Requirements In February 2019, OSHA's rule took effect, mandating employers evaluate the qualification of their crane operators on each piece of equipment. Compliance with this requirement will have paperwork/recordkeeping impacts, as well as on the work scheduling of a sign company's most experienced operators. Violations of this new regulation could result in significant fines and grounding of your equipment. Learn how this rule will affect sign company owners and shop employees. | Speakers: Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Crane Operator Certification: Are You OSHA Compliant and Ready for the Deadline? Recorded Webinar OSHA's new crane regulations take effect on December 9, 2018. Are you and your company ready? Even if you think you understand the certification requirements, you may have more to learn about the employer requirements to ensure competency. As recently as May 21, 2018 OSHA has amended and clarified crane operator documentation and recordkeeping requirements. This webinar will provide you the information you need to remain in full compliance with the law by discussing: OSHA rule/requirements for cranes; Employer responsibility; OSHA training/certification requirements; OSHA increased citation fines and penalties. | Speaker: Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

OSHA Crane Operator Certification Update: What You Need to Know Even if you think you understand the certification requirements, you may have more to learn about the employer requirements to ensure competency. As recently as May 21, 2018 OSHA has amended and clarified crane operator documentation and recordkeeping requirements.  Learn what you need to know to remain in full compliance with the law including: OSHA rule/requirements for cranes; employer responsibility; OSHA training/certification requirements; and OSHA increased citation fines and penalties. | Speakers: Kenny Peskin, ISA; Kyle Biancardi, Cranes 101 and Jay Strum, Cranes 101 | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

OSHA Crane Operator Certification – Are You Ready? If you employ crane operators or work in, with, or around cranes you need to be prepared for OSHA's mandatory rule that all mobile crane operators be certified by November 10, 2018. This webinar will help you navigate your options to ensure you are, and remain, in full compliance with the law. | Speakers: Kyle Biancardi, Cranes 101 and Kenny Peskin, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

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