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Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design
Photo Courtesy of Clear Sign & Design

Industry Research Recorded Webinars

Navigating the Visual Communication Space Now more than ever it is critical to understand the wants, needs and desires of all stakeholders within a project. Print providers need to know how to navigate the space and understand the importance of personalization, especially when it comes to creating a quality customer experience. Learn how to maximize efficiency and showcase capabilities, to think like a visual communications company, and prepare to capitalize on opportunities. | Speakers: Mike Wozny, EFI; Craig Campbell, ISA | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report

Hear an overview of U.S. and global macroeconomic trends as well as key findings of the Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report to help guide your business goals. Each quarter's webinar is listed below. | Speakers: Shane Norton and Leslie Levesque, IHS Markit | Price: $0.00 (member); $75.00 (non-member)

Sign Research Foundation (SRF)

Trail Sign Manual Webinar - History The History of Park and Trail Wayfinding stretches back over 200 years, but in the last 20 years diverse and exciting wayfinding programs began to proliferate. This lecture covers both the expansive and recent history through the selection of 25 projects from before 2000 and 25 projects from the last two decades. | Speakers: Craig Berger, Fashion Institute of Technology; India Adolfsson, T-Squared Design Inc.; Keith Helmetag, C&G Partners | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Smart Cities, Smarter Signage | Regulating Tomorrow’s Tech The design and development of new sign types accompanying the evolution of the "smart city" creates new challenges for communities to ensure regulatory and privacy concerns are proactively addressed. This session seeks to help you understand the development of smart cities across the globe and to appreciate the importance of citizen participation and social equity in developing policies which will govern technologies currently being integrated and in development. | Speakers: Deacon Wardlow, Vantage LED and Dawn Jourdan, College of Architecture at Texas A&M University | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual (Part 4: Case Study) This fourth webinar in the series will be an all-encompassing overview of how an urban wayfinding project comes to fruition from start to finish and how each of the players is involved in that success. Planners, designers, and fabricators will all find relevant information to their job functions in this session. | Speakers: Craig Berger, Fashion Institute of Technology; Luanne Stauffer, Upper Perkiomen Chamber of Commerce; Jessica Schrader, Entro; Phil Redisch, MSSigns | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual (Part 3: Fabrication) Signs in outdoor environments need to be tough to withstand the physical environment and everyday wear and tear. This program encompasses the material, fabrication and maintenance approaches that can extend the life of a sign and make it easier to change and update. • Material and fabrication process • Location Planning for Better Maintenance • Material and Lighting specification for Durability • Sign Management • Maintenance approaches | Speakers: Anthony Clayton, Bluebird Graphic Solutions; Kevin Rourke, Davis Marketing Associates | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual (Part 2: Design) Cities and regions are undertaking large structural changes with short term crisis reinforcing long term economic and social trends. This program will focus on a few leading trends impacting wayfinding including the expansion of trail and regional park projects, digital technologies and multi-modal expansion. | Speakers: Keith Helmetag, C&G Partners; Adrian Bell, Applied Wayfinding | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual (Part 1: Planner) Successful wayfinding programs have strong planner and public official leadership. This program delves into important aspects of planning leadership including financing, stakeholder management and regulatory management. Led by design and administrative professionals the lecture will also include a discussion on proactive techniques for project leadership. | Speakers: Craig Berger, FIT and Craig Berger Management Consulting; John Bosio, Principal at Merje; George Lim, Principal Partner/Creative Director Tangram Design | Price: $10.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: How to Win Over Clients and Influence Sign Regulators Recorded Webinar The Sign Research Foundation has successfully educated over 10,000 city planners, sign code officials, and business owners on the benefits of well-designed and regulated sign systems. Learn about how they use academic research to connect with these important influencers. SRF will also share previews of the latest research on design practices, conspicuity, legibility, sign code development, the economic value of signage, and wayfinding. SRF research reports are used in customer acquisition, employee onboarding, and planner education. Attendees will learn how to use them to educate their own clients, city officials, and employees. | Speaker: Sapna Budev, Sign Research Foundation | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: Profiles of Sign Regulations in Multiple Communities Recorded Webinar Effective sign ordinances ensure that signs are consistent and legible, all while reducing clutter. This session explores trends in sign code development and attributes of effective sign ordinances across all community types. The speakers will also discuss the successful design elements unique to suburban communities, urban centers, historic districts, and campuses. Attendees will also receive the full research report with an in-depth analysis of seven different community types and containing perspectives from planners, consultants, designers, and sign manufacturers. | Speakers: Craig Berger, Fashion Institute of Technology; Marley Bice, AICP, Montgomery Planning Commission; Tom Beckwith, FAICP, Beckwith Consulting Group | Price: $0.00 (member); $0.00 (non-member)

SRF Presents: How 7 Healthcare Leaders Manage Wayfinding Systems What lessons can we learn from some of the country’s largest and most prestigious healthcare institutions about keeping signage up-to-date, consistent and coherent for their visitors? Leslie Wolke, founder of MapWell Studio, interviewed facilities and wayfinding managers at seven complex and expansive medical facilities for this Sign Research Foundation study and will share best practices that these professionals rely upon to guide visitors through their ever-changing-environments. We will explore the people, processes, and tools that these institutions have put into place to maintain a range of wayfinding tools, from static signage to wayfinding apps—all with an emphasis on practices that can be adopted by facilities of any size. | Speaker: Leslie Wolke, MapWell Studio | Price: $0.00 (member); $15.00 (non-member)

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