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Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris
Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris

Helping Sign Companies Deal with UL

Posted: 08/09/2018

ISA understands the influence Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has in bringing sign products to market and is committed to building a positive relationship between UL and our subscribing sign manufacturing members.

Together with the United States Sign Council Foundation and World Sign Associates, ISA formed the “Sign Industry Business Panel” as a forum to share our concerns with UL. This panel meets annually at UL headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, led by ISA's staff representative, Kenny Peskin, along with ISA member representatives, Persona's Wes Wilkens and SloanLED's Bruce Quaal.

The panel met most recently in June of 2018. During the course of the meeting, several key industry priorities were advanced, including:

  • UL Changes to the UYWU Retrofit it program. Industry representatives agreed that UL's changes will address key concerns raised over the past few years. Most significantly, UL will develop a process for UL48 subscribers to obtain approval for UYWU retrofit kits. ISA and other associations will distribute an outline of the process for general coverage (UL 48) sign shops to sign up for this program.
  • Revised FUII (Follow-Up Inspection Instructions) were issued in January 2018. Among the changes were new requirements for the Master Compliance Record (MCR) form, new disconnect switch mounting marking requirements, and the use of manufacturer records by UL field engineers to verify production line tests, etc. The FUII revisions recently took effect (July 31, 2018) and ISA is available for any questions.

ISA will continue to work with the panel to make it less burdensome and less expensive for sign company subscribers to work with UL.

For more information, contact ISAs Kenny Peskin.