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Women Leading the Industry (WLI)

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Women Leading the Industry (WLI), a new initiative launched by the International Sign Association in partnership with Sign Builder Illustrated, will work to inspire and empower women in the sign, graphics and visual communications industry who aspire to elevated leadership roles in their company and the industry.

This is a collaborative program, and your input is essential to it's success. To ask a question, use this form.

The initiative will strategize on the development of skills and practical tools for landing a seat at the table and equip top female talent to break through the barriers that have historically impeded their career development and empower them to take their place at the highest levels of corporate leadership.

The program will offer women in the industry opportunities to explore new paths to leadership, develop personal and professional goals, build connections, have knowledge bank of resources, and raise the profile of women in the industry.

Over 200 women attended the inaugural session, "WLI – The Female Leader: Passion, Empowerment and Confidence," on Friday, April 26 at ISA International Sign Expo® 2019. It featured a panel of leaders discussing solutions to the issues that challenge women in the industry.

WLI and ISA will host ongoing events that encourage professional and personal growth through specific education and networking opportunities. SBI has launched a website channel that focuses on news about women in the industry at

Find and share images from the WLI Event at ISA Sign Expo and more using hashtag #ISAWLI.