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Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris
Photo Courtesy of DCL (Fabricator), Design by Poulin+Morris

Sales Best Practices for Wide Format

Posted: 12/04/2018

"The process of selling wide format products and services is more difficult now than it has ever been," says the authors of a new ISA white paper, Sales Best Practices for Wide Format Providers.

"Due to the wealth of knowledge on the Internet and an increased amount of competition, today's buyers have an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips. If a buyer has already figured out what he/she needs and has narrowed things down to a list of providers who can complete the job, price and turnaround time will almost always become the deciding factors."

This Sales Best Practices white paper meets this challenge head on. It uncovers the strategies and tactics that high-performing wide format firms can follow to manage the sales process.

Click here to download the Sales Best Practices white paper.

Your sales team can immediately use these tactics to drive the conversation from price towards value.

Strategies include:

  • Managing the sales process
  • Developing and training staff members
  • Building the right sales force
  • Developing competitive compensation plans
  • Leveraging the best sales tools for supporting reps

The report, prepared by KeyPoint Intelligence–InfoTrends and sponsored by EFITM, contains timely information to evaluate existing sales teams and guide them to new successes.

The Sales Best Practices for Wide Format Providers white paper is available for free for ISA and Affiliated Association members. Non-members may purchase the report for $24.95. A complimentary executive summary also offers key takeaways from the report.

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